2004-8-27 05:58:00

My Friends,

I am humbled that a number of you have been collecting quotes from my writings and have been seeking to make use of them in a way that will help the work.

I can see that a good collection can have a number of uses that may help popularize the books which in turn will aid the great work.

As Bryan says it matters not who came up with the idea of collecting the quotes first. Anyone who wishes can do this. Bryan showed initiative for posting them to add some spice to the list. He's been doing a great job of making me look good. Must have taken a lot of work on his part.

Looks like Ruth also has some good ones and I suspect Shar?n does also.

Since several are collecting quotes, here is what I would ask. Send them to me each time you collect a dozen or so. It would be good if I had 5-600 of them altogether from which to select a final 365 for a calendar.

The more I think of this calendar idea the more potential I see in promoting the books and the work.

Jason, thanks for the corrections. I can't believe I used the term "Chinese Checkers" three times instead of Chinese Whispers. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it. I have made the correction.

If anyone else sees any other mistakes just send them to Susan Carter at: "Susan Carter" susan@patriotsaints.com

I'll end with another quote from Yours Truly:

A life is but a flicker of light between two eternities.