2004-8-21 03:52:00

A Reader Asks:
I read somewhere that these were the numbers for the different planets according to the Q'balah (I'm probably not spelling that right). I know there is disagreement on the methods in which Numerology ought to be applied but could you give your opinion on these?

1 - the number for Leo and the Sun
2 - the number for Cancer and the Moon
3 - the number for Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter
4 - the number for Aquarius and Uranus
5 - the number for Gemini, Virgo and Mercury
6 - the number for Taurus, Libra and Venus
7 - the number for Neptune and Pisces
8 - the number for Capricorn and Saturn
9 - the number for Aries and Mars

And ZERO the number for Pluto and Scorpio. Something came to mind as I was typing that - the original Roman Numeric system had no value for ZERO while the Arabic system does - maybe the roots of these values for the different planets lie in the Arabian systems as well.

I do not know enough about this system to give an intelligent answer here. Just because it doesn't use numbers familiar to esoteric students does not mean that the system does not have merit. One would have to look at how they are applied to know for sure.

My second query is about 'Explaining Energy' and everything that we have concluded so far. What about Trans-sexuals? Please, before answering that these Souls were unable to accept the 7 cycles, consider my next question. What about people that were born with two genders?

As I have said there are exceptions to all things - as well as mistakes in nature. The transsexual is one of the few who has a charge different than that indicated by his body. The transsexual in a male body usually has a female charge and this is the cause of their disturbing situation.

Those with two genders would still have a plus or minus charge, but usually not pronounced. They should live their lives according to the charge that feels best to them.

Have you heard that in recent newscasts there is more and more talk of kids being born with both male and female reproductive organs?

If I remember correctly DK said this was going to happen. I haven't heard about it but it doesn't surprise me. The last race of humans will be androgynous, but I'm sure the final form will be different than anything we have yet seen.