The Name

1999-3-28 06:41:00

Welcome, Joel and Lois, as new participants.

Zina Writes:

"Do we each have a name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost within us? And if so does this differ for each of us, or do we all fall into one category being of earth?

"I also noticed the 'auman' at the end of the baptism. The eastern Hindu religion knows the name of God as AUM. I have unlocked the meaning of this work (for myself) and see 'an AUM' as being what I am. Do you have any comments on this?

"Also the Auman is very close to Human! Perhaps according to some the difference between the 'a' is angelic, and the 'h' is heavenly. Any further comments would be appreciated.

"It just seems odd if God does not have a name, why would we be baptized in his name!!??!!"

First, notice the exact wording of the scripture to baptize "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." Matt 28:19

Notice that three persons are mentioned but the word name is singular.

This is because the Holy Trinity has the same name on three different levels.

The highest level is the one creative Word that created all there is in the Spiritual worlds. The second level Word, which roughly means BECOMING, created all there is in the worlds of form and the third name is the highest manifestation of a specific name of God on the physical plane. That name is Jesus Christ, or Yeasoose Kristos, as it was pronounced in the Greek. Jesus in the Hebrew is translated as Joshua or Jehoshua. The important thing about this third name is the meaning rather than the pronunciation. It means "consecrated to serve." If we take upon ourselves the name of Christ as commanded in the scriptures, it merely means that we have committed ourselves to unselfish service to the benefit of the world.

It is interesting then that the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is the same for all three are consecrated to serve, all bear the name of Jesus Christ.

The path for us to become one with God and manifest the name within is us for us to take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ by committing ourselves to the highest service that we know and then practice the science of BECOMING the highest that you can DECIDE to BECOME.

As I said earlier the word Amen is a corruption of the sacred word AUM. AUMAN is a much better closing word than Amen. The AUM and OM, the two sacred words from the East have much significance. More about this will be revealed later.