Fun Stuff

2004-5-29 06:15:00

Time to lighten up with a fun quiz and learn some interesting facts.

By J J Dewey
1. Which state is the farthest North? (a) Idaho (b) Michigan (c) Maine
2. Which state is the farthest South? (a) Texas (b) Florida (c) Hawaii
3. Which state is the farthest West? (a) Ohio (b) Florida (c) West Virginia
4. Which is the furthest west coastal state? (a) Washington (b) Oregon (c) California.
5. Which city is the furthest West? (a) Los Angeles (b) Reno, NV (c) San Diego
6. Which is the farthest north? (a) Lewiston, Idaho (b) The Canadian border (c) Portland, Maine
7. Which are the only four states which touch each other simultaneously?
8. Which is further south? (a) Alaska (b) London (c) Copenhagen
9. What is the furthest west from where I am in Boise, Idaho? (a) The western tip of the United States (b) Wellington, New Zealand - Home of Glenys (c) The east coast of Russia
10. Let us suppose the sun was the size of a basketball. How big would the earth be? (a) The size of a baseball (b) The size of a golf ball (c) a marble (d) a grain of sand

1. Idaho is furthest North of these three. Eastport Idaho is 49?00'. Michigan is next at 47?28' and Maine last at 47?21'
2. Hawaii. You should have got this one.
3. Florida. Look at a map and you can see that the panhandle of west Florida is further west than the other two states.
4. Washington by a hair.
5. Reno beats by a degree and a half. It is West 119W48 compared to Los Angeles 118W15
6. Surprise again! The answer is Lewiston, Idaho which is further north than the Canadian border whose southern border touches Michigan.
7. These states touch at the four corners monument. They are: Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.
8. If you put London you are wrong. Alaska's Ulak Island has a latitude of 51N22 and London is further north at 51N30. Copenhagen is further north still. 9. The western tip of the United States which is Alaska's Attu Island is further west from me than Glenys in New Zealand. Wellington, New Zealand is 174E17 and Attu Island is 173E14 almost a degree further west from me and several degrees west of the eastern tip of Russia.
10. The sun is a million times as big as the earth. If the sun were the size of a basketball the earth would be the size of a grain of sand and would be 36 yards away.

From the Guinness Book of Records
1. The world's largest chicken was 22 pounds.
2. The largest turkey was 81 pounds.
3. The largest domestic cat was 47 pounds.
4. The heaviest dog was a St Bernard which weighed 310 pounds.
5. The largest horse weighed 3,200 pounds.
6. Longest proven fast without food was 382 days. The longest without food or water was 18 days.
7. The longest hair was 26 feet. The longest beard was 17.5 feet. The longest moustache was 109 inches.
8. The heaviest newborn baby was 22.5 pounds. The smallest baby that survived was 10 ounces.
9. The largest number of babies born to one woman was 69.
10. The heaviest man recorded was 1400 pounds. He probably got his money's worth at buffets.

1. Kathy Wafler created an apple peel 172 feet long from one apple.
2. Shri Ravi balanced on one foot for 34 hours.
3. Ken Owen laid on a bed of sharp 6 inch nails (two inches apart) for 300 hours.
4. Nine employees of the Bruntsfield Bedding Centre pushed a bed 3,233 miles. 5. Reg Morris carried a nine pound brick in an ungloved hand with arm extended for over 61 miles.
6. Trevor Mitchell drummed continuously for 1,057 hours (over 44 days).
7. Alfred West split a human hair down the middle 18 times.
8. Eddie Levin & Delphine Crha kissed each other for a continuous 17 days 10.5 hours.
9. Jim Purol smoked 140 cigarettes at one time.
10. Jay Gwaltney ate an 11 foot birch tree in 89 hours.