Evidence of Initiation

2004-4-28 12:00:00

A reader asked this question:
By the way, is JJ still maintaining that George W. Bush is a second degree initiate? I'm still trying to figure out what he initiated.

I have already answered this several times, but perhaps several of you have forgotten.

First I want to remind readers that the prime sign of an initiate is that he or she initiates some type of project or work which changes the world in some small or great way, usually for the better.

Lower initiates will often appear to be working in opposite directions. The higher ones work more obviously towards a similar goal, but even here there are differences. The work of initiates as a whole is in the direction of the dominating good of the One Great Work.

Here are a handful of things that Bush has initiated.

(1) The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which has freed over 50,000,000 people from the rule of tyranny.
(2) He is working on the creation of democracy in Iraq which, if successful could have a domino effect on the Middle East and remove some major obstacles for the return of Christ.
(3) He aggressively worked for and achieved Republican majorities in the Senate and House inn 2002. Without his aggressive campaigning this would not have happened.
(4) He initiated Education reform - the No Child Left Behind program and even got Ted Kennedy to support him.
(5) He initiated the prescription Drug program
(6) He initiated the Department of Homeland Security.
(7) He's initiates a national debate differentiating between left and right that has not been seen since the days of Abraham Lincoln.
(8) He's attempting to initiate a mission to Mars. Time will tell on this one.

Overall Bush has initiated more than any president since FDR. This is one reason he has so many enemies. Initiating angers many more people than just sitting back and doing nothing or going with the flow.

Also keep in mind that just because someone is an initiate does not mean that all spiritually minded people will agree with all he initiates. For one thing spiritually minded people do not agree with each other.

I do not agree with all Bush has initiated, but must acknowledge that he has a very powerful will-to-initiate. It makes me wonder if I have not underestimated his place upon the path.

Let us pick another controversial person on the list, this time from the left - Jane Fonda.

She initiated two things of importance.

(1) She initiated a force which turned the tide of public opinion (for good or ill) against the war in Vietnam.
(2) She initiated popularizing the video exercise programs. This was a definite good as it helped millions improve their health and well being.

Now let us look at a person of great popularity whom I am sure many would want to see as an initiate Bill Clinton.

Is he an initiate? To answer this question we must ask what he initiated?

One of his most recognized accomplishments welfare reform, but this was mostly initiated by Newt Gingrich and Tommy Thompson. After rejecting the plan twice he reluctantly signed it stating that he was going to "fix" or reverse it later.

Some give him credit for the passage of NAFTA and he deserves credit for his support, but the idea was initiated in a previous administration.

Actually Hillary showed a greater power to initiate than her husband by attempting to pass universal health care, but her lack of success makes her initiation status questionable.

This earth was organized or formed out of other planets which were broken up and remodeled and made into the one on which we live. Joseph Smith - January 5, 1841