Question on Perfection

2004-3-4 05:59:00

A reader wrote me with some concern about one of the points from chapter two. The idea expressed there is that God is working out his own perfection in the body of this universe just as his reflections - you and me - are working out our imperfections within our own bodies.

He was reading the archives where I stated the following:

"The key to Soul contact is to remember that there is a perfect God that is omnipresent and is therefore in our neighbor as well as ourselves. We must look beyond the deception of division and imperfection and always put our attention on the God Presence. This will cause our energy to reach the God Presence in others and ourselves and we will sense the union of our Souls no matter how irritating a fellow brother or sister may be. As soon as we feel any irritation, we must shift our attention to the fact of the God Presence. Since energy follows thought, there is then a shift of energy and a degree of Soul contact is achieved."

The question is, does not this teaching of a perfect God within contradict the teachings of the last chapter about an evolving God, or one who is Becoming?

The answer is no and the reason is found in the principle of spiritual relativity.

On other occasions I have taught that there is no such thing as any ultimate perfection. Instead of reaching some plateau where one can go no further we reach a perfection relative to the circumstances around us, but never relative to all possibilities of existence. In other words, we never reach ultimate perfection, or a perfection where greater fullness is not possible.

There are many lives who have passed beyond the human kingdom and understand all the workings, frailties and possibilities that lie before us. That which is called the Holy Spirit comprehends through a great spiritual internet all the principles involved with human evolution. The Spirit thus circulates in all of us and can be contacted, or tapped into, when certain veils of illusion are transcended. This presence of God within each one of us is as perfect as is possible to define the term in relation to the human kingdom.

The interesting thing is even when the Holy Spirit is contacted and intelligence is received on a human level perfection is rarely the result.


Because we as imperfect humans can take the most flawless revelation and still bungle it up because of our flawed nature.

Even though the Spirit of God is perfect from our viewpoint - for it always leads us in the better of the two paths which lie before us - it is evolving on its own plane and moving through the body of humanity toward a goal unknown to us. Because we are a part of his body, and humanity is not perfect, then, even God manifesting through mankind does not yet manifest in perfection.

Thus we see that perfection is relative. To your faithful dog you are perfect and are always right, but to yourself you have a long way to go. If the average seeker were to sit at the feet of an advanced master he may be struck with awe at his perfected ways, but to the mind of the master, he himself is struggling imperfectly with his next step.

DK makes an interesting point about some seeming contradictions that appear in inspired teachings. He tells is that when a high level of truth is given out that human words are often inadequate in conveying the full meaning. The result is that a teacher may appear to contradict himself at different times. The truth is that he is not in contradiction, but in different modes of presentation - and he will be capable of explaining the contradiction so the principles behind the teachings are in harmony.

The world moves with motiveless necessity. By this is meant that it has no motive of its own, but is under the necessity of manifesting your concept, the arrangement of your mind, and your mind is always arranged in the image of all you believe and consent to as true. Neville