The Division

2004-2-19 03:08:00

The coming election will be interesting and whoever looses will feel like rebelling against those in power so the situation will require the greatest wisdom.

I have said that I expect Bush to win but when you see that people are so volatile that they fluctuate as many as ten points in one day in the polls one can see that some wild card event can change the election at the last moment.

Several days before the 2000 election the Democrats released a DUI charge on Bush that he did not have time to do damage control with and cost him about 4 points and made for the closest election in history.

There have been a lot of predictions over the last thirty years of the United States splitting into several territories through a difference in ideology or because of earth changes, World War III, Conspiracy or whatever. These predictions vary from a dual split to 6 or twelve smaller countries.

We currently have a powerful division between conservatives and liberals, but even though there may be great discontent in the near future a physical division within the country between conservatives and liberals is unlikely.


Because there is no such thing as a pure conservative or pure liberal state. Take Idaho, for instance. It is the most Republican dominated State in the United States, making it as conservative as they come. Even so, the democratic and liberal influence is quite strong.. We sent Frank Church to the Senate, a man after Ted Kennedy's heart - who held the hearings on the CIA and clipped its wings. We elected a fairly famous Democratic governor - Cecil Andrus three times who later went on to work with Jimmy Carter. Most of our newspapers are dominated with liberal thinking.

The point is that even if we had a split in the two factions, even here in Idaho it would be very difficult for the conservative wing to claim authority to govern.

The same goes for a liberal state like Massachusetts. There are lots of conservatives there who would rebel against pure liberal government.

The only way such a split could work would be if there was a great migration of the two groups of people to the new territories that harmonized with their beliefs.

One way the gathering I have written of could happen in the United States is, if by a stroke of luck, we were able to revitalize the government after an enlightened pattern that could allow the freedoms necessary for the Gathering of Lights to work.

The other way is if we had a great destruction of some kind that would leave large areas of the country with no government, creating an opportunity for the new. This would be a dangerous situation as there is more probability for the creation of tyranny than for good government.

The highest probability is that the Lights will have to gather on the "new land" I have hinted at and will write more about later.

Thanks for your run down of the situation in New Zealand, Glenys. It sounds like they are a lot more laid back than they are here. The division here is much stronger than any other country on earth from what I can tell. If the next election is very close again we are likely to have some type of rebellion surface. What form it will take will be difficult to predict.

It is interesting that the Mormon scripture predicts a separation among the people just before the coming of Christ. (See D&C 63:54)

I am very concerned about the direction the governments of the free world are going and am contemplating writing a book on how things can be fixed. This would present an actual plan that could be implemented and change the system through touching on things that reflect the will of the vast majority. Several things I have already written could be incorporated into it such as my treatise on Nuclear energy and Molecular Politics.

If I were to write such a book it would be much easier to get on the talk shows than with the Immortal, but could lead to greater interest in the series.

Such a book may have a greater chance for a more immediate commercial than the Immortal series, as well as fill a great need.

Man does not realize that consciousness is the Father which does the work, so he attempts to express that which he is not conscious of being. Such struggles are doomed to failure; only the present expresses itself. Unless I am conscious of being that which I seek, I will not find it. Neville