Using the Keys

2004-2-5 14:56:00

My Friends,

Even though I love and respect you all my job here is not to please, but to teach so here goes a tough presentation.

Remember the parable of decision? What made Ron and Dave different from Jim and Mike?

Ron and Dave surveyed the situation and made a judgment as to the best course of action even though they were lacking significant information. After they made a judgment they then followed through with a firm decision. The other two were hesitant to judge and decide. They wanted to play it safe and avoid hurt. The interesting thing is that these two were the ones who wound up powerless and in the real hell.

When I have taught of the first two keys we find that most believe they are great principles. But now I have presented situations that require their use and many present every possible avenue to avoid using them.


Because they are afraid their decision and judgment will create some unforeseen harm.

They do not want to think about an uncomfortable situation.

They are afraid they could be wrong.

Jim and Mike also feared doing harm and they were paralyzed and missed the opportunity to build heaven.

Dave made a decision and stuck by it and it took him to hell but he made the best of it and turned hell into heaven.

Yes, sometimes our judgments and decisions, even when doing the best we can, will take us to hell, but if we continue with pureness of heart then we create an opportunity to build heaven, which opportunity escapes he who shuns the first two keys.

Do those of you who cringed at using the first two keys at the last three questions I asked wish to reconsider?

If not then place yourself on the beginning of the two paths in the parable and honestly ask yourself: What would I do?

If you wish to review the parable go to:

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