To Decide or Not to Decide

1999-3-3 01:56:00

The question of the day is:

"Name some areas where we should be using the power of decision, but most of us do not."

Example:   "My boss will not give me a raise so I guess there's no way I can get that new car..."

How could you get a new car with or without your boss's help by using you power of decision?

Dave seemed to think the question was easy. He wrote:

"Simple. Either find another, higher paying job, or find another way of bringing in extra income. Money is plentiful right now."


Logical answer; but you left off the key word here which is again DECISION.

Everyone knows that if they need more money they could get another job or do something part time on the side. But the funny thing is that a person can be totally desperate for money yet opportunity after opportunity is presented to him to get ahead but he never seems to take it. We may look at the guy and call him lazy but the problem is more than just laziness.

Many people are in a situation like this -- that is where they need a new car or some other item -- often feel helpless and paralyzed even though the way to obtain the extra money is obvious to many.

Why does he feel paralyzed? Because he has not developed the power of decision within himself to the degree that he can DECIDE to get the car and do what is necessary to get it.

To the higher evolved among humanity the lack of power among our lesser brethren seems pathetic at times, but what we do not realize is that we have also limited our own power of decision and we seem pathetic to lives higher than human.

There are many areas of life where intelligent individuals will not take the next move forward because they are oblivious to the fact that they can even make a decision about it.

Let me give you one example: Let us suppose that Jones would like to live to be 100 but just sees this desire as a wish or whim. This person is deceived into thinking that what he decides has little to do with the fulfillment of such a wish. The fact is that he can live to be 100 if he makes a definite decision in that direction.

Question:  Do you think this last sentence is a true statement?

Now we know that there are many things beyond the conscious decision of average people like the following mentioned by Dave:

"What about the woman who wants to loose weight, but doesn't have the time to exercise?"

But the people on this list are above average. Can you think of a decision that is beyond the consciousness of most intelligent people?