Infallible Authority Chapter 14

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Chapter Fourteen

Where's The Revelation?
In the days of Ahab, King of Israel, all the prophets were deceived except one. In that day there were 401 prophets. (See 2 Chron. 18:5-7. ) Ahab inquired of the 401 as to whether he should go to battle. The 400 knew the king would be angry if they prophesied anything but victory for the king, so their own hearts and fears greatly influenced the answer they received; however, one man, Micaiah, was not so influenced and he, being the last one called on for a prophecy, said, "As the Lord liveth, even what my God saith, that will I speak." (2 Chron. 18:13) Then he proceeded to prophesy evil and disaster for the king which thing made the king angry. Then Micaiah explained why everyone was deceived except him:

"I saw the Lord sitting upon his throne, and all the host of heaven standing on his right hand and on his left. And the Lord said, Who shall entice Ahab, king of Israel, that he may go-up and fall at Ramothgilead? And one spake saying after this manner, and another spake saying after that manner. Then there came out a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will entice him. And the Lord said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go out, and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And the Lord said, Thou shalt entice him, and thou shalt also prevail: Go out, and do even so. Now therefore the Lord hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of these thy prophets." (2 Chron. 18:18-22)

Isn't it interesting, and yet somewhat frightening, that the Lord himself could and has sent a lying spirit to deceive Israel when their hearts desired the delusion? Will it happen again?

It not only will happen, but it has been prophesied: "They receive not the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth." (2 Thes. 2: 10-12)

Read this chapter in reference and you will see that it deals with events just preceding the second coming. When has God sent strong delusion that people would believe a lie? If God sends the delusion, then it must be around the principle of revelation. This was the dialog amidst the 400 prophets of Ahab.

Could God send strong delusion to the prophets, seers and revelators today? It is prophesied that someone will receive it. If not the LDS, then who?

What then is the strong delusion given to the LDS in our day?

One doesn't have to look far. Let us begin with the greatest delusion of all which is basically the following belief:

The authorities believe and proclaim that "modern revelation" is a principle active today. They have the faithful members believing that the President as well as other authorities receive and (this is the amazing part) gives out revelation to the church today.

Thus the members are under the very obvious illusion that they are receiving revelation from the authorities when no specific revelation is announced or even proclaimed. Members are told that revelation is everywhere, but when they look it is nowhere.

The church is like the government who tells us that tax breaks are everywhere, but when you attempt to find one for you nothing is there, except maybe more taxes.

When the LDS member actually looks for a modern revelation all he finds are old revelations quoted to him plus a little general advice on how to be a good modern Mormon.

Instead of believing in modern revelation what is the actual truth here?

If the authorities were to be honest they would distil the present doctrine into the following article of faith:

"We believe part of what God has revealed based on what suits our purposes. What he does now reveal (as proclaimed by authorities presently constituted) is repeated declarations of what he has revealed in the remote past. We have a nebulous belief that he will reveal some things in the future, but will excommunicate all who claim to be the bearers of the greater light of revelation."

Real modern revelation is discouraged and when true inspiration surfaces he who receives it is cast out.

Modern revelation is said to be everywhere, but it is seen nowhere.

Members are told to seek the Holy Spirit, but when that Spirit is received and the words of the Spirit are spoken the receiver is cast out.

It is interesting to talk about the principle of revelation with a current LDS member. It often goes something like this:

Voice of Common Sense (VCS) "So you believe in modern revelation?"
LDS Member: "I certainly do."
VCS: Where can I find one of these revelations?
LDS Member: "There's lots of revelation. You don't have to look very hard."
VCS: "Great. I'd like to read just one. Could you show it to me?"
LDS Member: He pulls out his D&C and shows him Section 76. "Here's a good one." VCS: "But this was given 170 years ago in 1832. That doesn't seem very recent to me. I want to see one of these modern revelations you have been telling me about."
LDS Member: "There's lots of revelation given out in general conference twice a year and others in the Ensign magazine."
VCS: "I see you have a stack on Ensigns over there, many with conference reports. Could you point out a revelation in one of them for me?"
LDS Member: "It's not difficult to do. Revelation is on almost every page."
VCS: "But could you show me just one?"
LDS Member: "Read a couple paragraphs in almost any conference report and you'll see revelation."
VCS: "But I'm interested in what you call a revelation. Could you show me just one?"
LDS Member: He becomes agitated and gives a look that tells VCS that he must be slow mentally. "Pick up any issue and just read!" he says with exasperation. VCS: He picks up an issue and turns to a page giving the text to a speech by the President of the Church. "I'm reading a speech by the one you call the Prophet, Seer and Revelator, but I can't see any prophesies, seership or revelation.
LDS Member: "Look again. There's inspiration in every paragraph."
VCS: "Everything sounds pretty ordinary to me, things that could be said by a Methodist leader who does not believe in revelation. For instance here he is telling members to present a good example to the world. The Methodists say things like that."
LDS Member: He grabs the Ensign out of his hand and reads further into the text. "This is all inspired. Here the Prophet's is pointing out the phenomenal growth the church has had and the hand that God has played in it. The church has gown so fast because its guided by revelation."
VCS: "So if growth is evidence of revelation, does that mean that Fox News is guided by a prophet getting revelation also? Fox News has also had phenomenal growth."
LDS Member: "Don't be ridiculous!"
VCS: "Well, can you show me a current revelation about the growth of the church?"
LDS Member: He impatiently flips his finger on the article and says: "Open your eyes. It's right here."
VCS: He takes another look. "I don't see any message here that claims to be from God relating to the growth of the church."
LDS Member: "How about this then. Later in the article he talks about the building of temples. They are sprouting up all over the world. The sites were picked by revelation, the growth and building done by revelation and when built they are directed by revelation."
VCS: "Show me one of these revelations."
LDS Member: "The prophet is talking about it in the article right in front of your face."
VCS: "Please point to the line that is the revelation." He hands the member the Ensign.
LDS Member: He throws the magazine on the table in disgust: "The whole thing is revelation. Open your eyes!"
VCS: :"But show me just one thing. One sentence."
LDS Member: "I have, but you won't listen."
VCS: "One Mormon told me that revelation is preceded by a 'thus saith the Lord,' like the Bible prophets used. I've listened to a number of Conference addresses and have never heard an authority use this term. I do not see the phrase anywhere in this article we are talking about."
LDS Member: "The prophet doesn't have to say 'thus saith the Lord.' He can just speak under inspiration."
VCS: "So how can you tell when he's giving a revelation and when he is just speaking as an ordinary guy?"
LDS Member: "It's just obvious when you hear it."
VCS: I read a statement by a general authority that no member is to accept a revelation for the church unless it is presented to the church as a revelation and then voted on by the members. I believe it was Mark E. Peterson who said this. Now I do not see any evidence that this speech by the President has been presented to the church as a revelation. Wouldn't this imply that this and other talks from conference reports are to just be taken as teachings in the same way that the words of Methodists leaders are taken by their members?
LDS Member: "Let me assure you there is revelation in conference addresses even though they are not voted on."
VCS: "What is a revelation anyway?"
LDS Member: "It is God speaking to someone here on earth."
VCS: "Would you say that a revelation is something that is revealed. In other words, something that was previously unknown?"
LDS Member: "I suppose"
VCS: "Suppose God himself were to tell us that 2+2=4. This would not be a revelation because we already know it. You can't reveal something that is already revealed. Does this sound right to you."
LDS Member: "I suppose."
VCS: "In section 76, that you pointed to earlier, it was revealed to Joseph that there were three kingdoms of glory along with information about them. Provided that he did receive this from God, then this would qualify as a revelation, would it not?"
LDS Member: Yes.
VCS: "But, if you gave a talk in Sunday school merely talking about what is in this revelation, this would not be a new revelation, for the doctrine is already revealed. Do you agree?"
LDS Member: "I suppose. Where are you going with this?"
VCS: "By the same reasoning then, even if the President of the Church teaches from revelations past, he would not be giving new revelations. Correct?"
LDS Member: "That may be true, but we are told new things all the time."
VCS: "Tell me just one."
LDS Member: "You were just reading about the building of new temples."
VCS: "And Bill Gates just built a new home, but that doesn't make him a prophet, now does it?"
LDS Member: "You can't compare Bill Gates to the Prophet and Temples."
VCS: "I just did. Now we agreed that a revelation is something revealed that was previously unknown. Tell me of one revelation in recent history, say the past 50 years, giving the church new knowledge."
LDS Member: "I'm sure there are lots of them."
VCS: "I'm beginning to sound like a broken record here, but can you tell me just one?"
LDS Member: "The brethren recently placed a revelation to Joseph F. Smith of the spirit world into the standard Works."
VCS: "But, again, this is over 80 years old. Can you give me a modern revelation?"
LDS Member: "In 1978 a revelation was received on giving the Priesthood to blacks."
VCS: "So where is this revelation?"
LDS Member: "It's right here in the D&C."
VCS: "That does not even claim to be a revelation. It merely states that it is a letter. Where is the revelation?"
LDS Member: "It says right here that 'He has heard our prayers, and by revelation has confirmed that the long-promised day has come when every faithful, worthy man in the Church may receive the holy priesthood.'"
VCS: "Yes, it does say there was a revelation, but where is the revelation?"
LDS Member: "You're looking at it."
VCS: "I'm looking at a letter saying that there was a revelation. A letter saying there was a revelation is not a revelation. My question is where is the actual revelation?"
LDS Member: "If the Brethren say this is the revelation then that is good enough for me."
VCS: "But the brethren do not say this. They merely say this is a letter which mentions the revelation. Hasn't it been the policy of the church to have revelations binding upon the church to be put in writing as Joseph Smith did?" LDS Member: "Things can change as the Lord directs.

Summary: This poor fellow thinks he sees revelations creeping out of every rock, but cannot produce even one. Someone not familiar with the LDS Church would most likely consider this dialog imaginary, that such a person believing in ephemeral illusive revelation could not exist in the real world, but such is not the case. There are millions of such LDS brainwashed into thinking they see revelation when none is even claimed.

Why is this belief in something that cannot be demonstrated or produced so strong and pervasive when no written revelations are even in existence?

It is because "modern revelation" is a core doctrine of the church, the "rock" upon which it is founded. If members admit that none exist then they will have to admit that they are standing upon sand rather than solid ground, that their leaders are fallible and that would force them to consider that perhaps something is amiss. Perhaps God does not want to speak to the church or could it even be that the church does not want to speak with God.

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