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1998-11-15 22:39:00

The Beast

Understanding The Beast in Revelation involves understanding a principle. It is not one of the keys, but surely could be a thirteenth Key of Knowledge if there was one. Even though it will be covered in future books it is such an important thing to understand that I thought we would use it to involve The Intuitive Principle.

I know there are some out there who have had bad experiences with organized religion and have been tempted to even write the Bible off because of it, but let me make an observation. The Book of Revelation written by the Apostle John is one of the grandest books in human history with as much depth and mystery as any metaphysical, non-metaphysical, religious or non-religious book in the world. Please do not let any preconceived notions equate this book with a level only to be used by a student of Jimmy Swaggart.

Read the thirteenth chapter of the Book of Revelation and answer this:

What is the Beast?

There is a key word that describes him.

I once gave the key to Rick -- so if you remember Rick don't post the answer just yet, but for the rest of you go ahead and post it. Don't hold back. We have a lot of material to cover and it won't hurt here if the word is revealed sooner rather than later.

To those of you who held back last time -- it may have been the right thing to do because of the good thoughts and material everyone came up with, but generally we will go full steam ahead.

I think it was LeLona who said she discovered the answer by doing a word search. I thought someone may get that bright idea so I tried to avoid key words that would help, but she outsmarted me. Unfortunately, a word search will not help this time.

Rick is to be commended by remembering to keep in mind that he is supposed to pay attention to the exact wording of questions and answers. On the other hand, (and there may always be rare exceptions) the Brotherhood does not use trick questions. A true teacher merely attempts to exactly portray his thoughts in writing, words and deeds.

One interesting difference between the Brotherhood of Light and the Dark Brothers is that almost all the members in the Light have a great sense of humor. The Dark Brothers take themselves way too seriously and rarely see the lighter side of things. So most of those times the Brothers of Light (and Sisters, too, of course) seem to be doing something tricky they are really trying to make you laugh -- not trying to deceive you.

On the other hand, if a teacher speaks his thoughts exactly and the student reads something that is not there, that deception was caused by the student, not the teacher.