The Planes

2003-7-10 05:11:00

Now we have gotten through the recent questions perhaps we can finish off our discussion on the various spheres of polarization.

So far we have covered the physical, astral, mental and buddhic.

Here is the question on the next sphere:

"Is there a consciousness above the intuitive level? If there is, what is it and how does it differ from the intuition?

You may have to stretch your minds on this one since the intuitive plane is difficult enough to comprehend."

I know several good attempts were made on this question but since some time has passed I will make some comments on it so we can move on.

The buddhic plane is the sphere where divine ideas are received. He who contacts or lives in his consciousness on this plane is able to receive principles and divine ideas and communicate them in physical reality.

Whereas the buddhic plane receives the divine ideas the next plane up, the atmic, is the source of the creation of the divine ideas. Every idea or creation that can be can take form in physical reality is first created in prototype in this sphere.

He who attains the atmic consciousness becomes a co-creator with God. His consciousness becomes one with the consciousness of God and such a master discerns between the true thoughts of God and the thoughts of the lower ego. As he becomes one with the mind of God he identifies with the thoughts of God, and as he thinks and contemplates he co-creates with God on this high plane. He thus adds his creations to that placed there by the other divine lives. These creations thus hover in this atmic plane until received by the buddhic plane and flittered down to the physical plane.

Both the Christ and the Buddha attained a consciousness on the atmic plane.

The next plane up is the plane of the monad, the sixth. How do you suppose this plane can be described?

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