2003-5-21 06:27:00

Chris asks us to think of the meaning behind the mustard seed verses. One interesting new twist on it that he seems to be indicating is that there is enough energy in the matter of a mustard seed to move a mountain. If we change even the matter of a small seed into pure energy this can indeed be transmuted unto tremendous energy. It only takes a couple grams of converted matter to make an atomic bomb.

It's about time to get back on our main subject of polarities. We could continue a while with the emotional-mental characteristics but I think the group gets the general idea.

The one additional point I was going to make is that the emotionally polarized person is very subject to believing lies. If he likes the person or he is friend or family he will often believe a lie without question.

The mental person will use discernment and become suspicious when the untruthful one does not make sense.

Rick also gave us a great quote from DK identifying the emotionally polarized.

(1) an untrained mind and feeble intellect
(2) set apart or different from ones fellow men
(3) the possession of a creed(ideals), because no matter how good they bar some out
(4) pride and ambition.

The next step up in identifying polarities is in the understanding of the mental vs. intuitional.

Just as the mentally polarized is higher in spiritual evolution than the emotional, even so is the intuitional person higher than the mental.

There is an important point to keep in mind. That is the mind is the gateway to all higher polarization and when dealing with the emotional person (or lower) the intuitional person temporarily will descend to lower polarizations. The emotional cannot understand the mental person let alone the intuitional one.

Contemplate the difference between the mental and intuitional person and tell us what they are.