Re: Hydrogen Fuel Breakthrough?

2003-4-22 17:27:00

J J wrote:
The company is very secretive and have never demonstrated publicly that their device works ...

Then Lawrence wrote:
That would certainly be a huge "red flag" to me! Common sense says that if it really works then it is time to demonstrate it, find investors, and go to market. But if someone starts talking about a conspiracy by the major oil companies ... well then I would take a firm grip on my wallet and leave the room as quickly as possible. :)

There are rumors that instead of 400 engineers etc. putting the project together there was really one guy and he is afraid for his life because of big oil, government etc. Some think he made it sound like a big project so it would appear there are too many people to go after.

They indicate this started in Boise, but there is nothing in the phone book and nothing registered with the state. The corporation is supposed to be registered in Delaware. I checked out resources on their web page and there is no address but it seems to have been created in Canada.

They do claim to have many stock holders but their names are kept secret.

There are some interesting observations at:

Go to the end of the article and read the comments.

Even though the chances are slim, it is good to check out everything. Some day a big breakthrough will come.