The Principle of Trinity

1999-2-9 04:07:00

I was surprised that no one even tackled the question on the 144,000. I believe this is the first time the whole group has not taken a stab at it.

Marylin did give a great comment on the protective power of the Song however. I personally find it interesting that whenever I seem to have a bad day it is during a time when I did not say the song for at least a day.

The main purpose of the Song in this age is to protect the Lights as a group from the negative energies that would like to see them being thrown to the modern day lions, but it's power also extends to many personal benefits.

Here is the illusive question:

Question: How should we use the three aspects of prayer, meditation and contemplation when we say the Song of the 144,000?

Remember the principle of the Trinity: "All life and all power that brings life and true power of livingness must express itself through three aspects or divisions of energies or methods."

One of the reasons that the Song of the 144,000 is a powerful combination is because it expresses itself through a Trinity.

First the Song is a prayer because it is directed to God as a prayer of thanks as well as an affirmation.

Secondly it is a meditation. Where is meditation involved you ask? In between the verses you should have a short period of silence. For instance, after you say "Wherever we will the Light to descend." You can then visualize the light descending on all those in the world who have said the prayer on this day as well as anyone else you personally know who may be deserving of it. After you finish this short visualization then you have a short period of silence where you enter into meditation deep and sense light coming through you. At this point you may receive some important impression that you are supposed to act upon.

Repeat this meditation at the end of each verse and the end of the Song itself.

Thirdly and finally you use contemplation. You can contemplate some during the prayer but you will use this mostly after the prayer. Contemplate the impressions that come to you during the day because of the increase of Light and Love and Power. If you are saying the Song with pure intent and tuning into the Oneness Principle additional light will just come to you from time to time and it is important that you contemplate or think long and hard about what you receive so you can have power to retain it.

We will finish with the Molecular Business soon but in between such postings we will talk more about soul contact for a while.

Now remember that the soul itself is not God or the Higher Self, but is a door to the higher realm. The dark night of the soul is merely a period where the door is shut for some reason. But remember, the door is always there and the kingdom of God behind the door is always there.

An important thing to be aware of in soul contact is that it usually deals with principles instead of facts. Those who are in the solar plexus will rattle of numerous facts that may or may not be true, but the true teacher of light will deal mainly with principles because they can be verified by the souls of those who are ready.

I'll quote from a previous article: "Soul contact has little to do with facts, except in important circumstances, but it has much to do with principles. For instance, your soul may not verify to you what an inhabitant of Sirius looks like or how many there are, but it will verify to you the principle of life and its existence elsewhere in the universe."

Question: What is the difference between a fact and a principle? Why does soul contact deal with principles instead of facts?