Molecular Business Questions

1999-2-6 16:56:00

QUESTION: Probably about the most difficult thing to accept about Molecular Business is the idea of equal pay for all (with some necessary exceptions). Doesn't this run counter to free enterprise which has proven to produce more wealth than all socialistic concepts that have ever been tried?

ANSWER: Unlike government and totalitarian sponsored programs of equality (which actually produced less equality than capitalism,) the Molecular Business works within the structure of free enterprise; no force whatsoever is applied to the whole to make it work or to force equality. All are free to accept or reject the grand experiment at any time.

To truly understand the principle of equality as far as salary is concerned, we must stretch our minds and take a look into the future when true abundance is established on an earth that has "peace on earth goodwill toward humankind" as a working principle.

We have seen how much more wealth each individual has now than he had 100 years ago because of technology. Take the washing machine, for example. This gave much more freedom to the female than she ever had before. Then the automobile is another obvious example. It used to be a day's journey to go into town and go shopping; now it takes a few minutes. Finally, we have the computer. For many businesses this little instrument replaces several bookkeepers, a typesetter, a printer, an artist, a research department and so on.

Now if we have benefited this much over the last one hundred years because of the advancement of mankind, imagine what life will be like by the year 2100 as we seem to be moving ahead at an even more accelerated rate. If we can live in relative peace with the other nations of the earth, as well as earth itself, and overcome the idea that abundance is something that can only be had by a few, then the time is shortly at hand when material wealth will lose its meaning, for everyone will have all they need to live the abundant life. When this occurs the competition will raise to a higher level. Instead of seeing who can make the most money we will compete to see who can be the most creative in improving the quality of life for mankind.

True equality must evolve within mankind as the consciousness of the race evolves; it will not happen overnight. The concept of equality of pay is the destiny of the planet, but how far away the fulfillment of that destiny is remains to be seen. No one is going to come to us and give us black and white rules to make this happen, but through trial and error we must implement the highest principles in this direction that we can envision.

The principle of election in business will be easier to sell to the workers than the principle of equality. The first molecular businesses may only implement the election principle at first and then equalize employees as successful initiates break off with the desire to take equality several steps further.

The Molecular Principles would be difficult to execute within a company that is not presently practicing it. Current incompetent managers would be against the principle of election for fear of being replaced. High wage earners would be against equality. It's easy to convince the workers at the bottom to take a higher wage, but who at the top is willing to take a lower one? Yet within the Molecular Business successful management evolves through election, and such managers will be happy to take a higher position for the same pay as the front line workers because of the many other benefits involved. All in the company have nothing to lose.

The Molecular Business is created with evolution in mind. In businesses of today break-offs are dreaded, but in the Molecular Order break-offs are still linked to the original and encouraged to excel. As one Molecular Business succeeds the others benefit, the opposite of the competitive world today.

Thus we could have evolution something like this: The first generation implements the principle of election along with profit sharing and benefits comparable to the best business practices in existence today. A goal of an abundant wage for all is created (say something like $50,000), which is also a cap on cash wages. In the beginning, only a few make this much and except for this cap there is a variety of pay scales as in a regular company. Then as the company becomes more profitable the employees making less than $50,000 have an increase in salary until every employee in the company reaches this amount. Faithful employees at the bottom rung would receive priority over new employees. Temporary employees would be paid just as companies do now, according to supply and demand. Many new employees will begin as temps and be invited into full employment as they prove themselves.

Then the second generation copies everything that works from the first and moves closer to equality by paying management and workers with more equity and making up the difference with stock.

Finally, after three, four or five generations the equal pay principle is finally secured as the company demonstrates great profitability.

As this happens the scripture in Isaiah chapter 60 will be fulfilled:

8Who are these that fly like a cloud, and like doves to their windows? 9For the coastlands shall wait for me, the ships of Tarshish first, to bring your children from far away, their silver and gold with them, for the name of the LORD your God, and for the Holy One of Israel, because he has glorified you. 10Foreigners shall build up your walls, and their kings shall minister to you; for in my wrath I struck you down, but in my favor I have had mercy on you. 11Your gates shall always be open; day and night they shall not be shut, so that nations shall bring you their wealth, with their kings led in procession. 12For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you shall perish.

As the Molecular Business becomes more and more successful the nations shall bring their wealth to it just as the scripture says. Even though it may not be religious in the normal sense, that which improves the lot of humanity is among the greatest of the works of God.

QUESTION: You mentioned there will be some exceptions to the rule. Let us say that we need to hire an expert in a certain field and we cannot find one with enough interest in the Molecular concept to participate. Let us say that to get the position filled we have to pay someone 100,000 a year. Wouldn't the other workers feel negatively about this?

ANSWER: First, let me point out that there is already a tremendous difference in pay scale in regular business (some is justified and some is not), but the employees have learned to deal with it. The equality, even in an imperfect Molecular Business, would be much greater than now exists and there may be some who are a little disgruntled, but the amount of dissatisfaction would be less than is now the case.

Chances are there would be little jealousy over paying more to the specialist because all employees will be highly informed as to the workings of the company. They will realize that without this specialist the income and production of the company as a whole would be threatened and that without these exceptions their take home wage would go down.

Another point is that when faithful employees see that a specialist is needed some will feel motivated to qualify themselves for that position and, unless the specialist is under contract, he can be challenged by a Molecular employee and replace the specialist. If the specialist is replaced then he has the opportunity to find another position and becoming Molecular, or leaving the company. You will find that some will stay because of the job satisfaction and associations they have garnered.

Remember that even when the cash wage is equalized, the payment in stock will be varied, and if they are disgruntled about their lower payment in stock, they can aspire to move up in the company.

The point is equality in the fulfillment of our physical needs is one of the endpoints of our evolution, and there is no way to prevent this from materializing in the future. Between now and then we have to use judgement in working toward it. There will be a lot of imperfection upon this path, but nevertheless, it is a path with great rewards. We cannot equally share the omnipotent powers of the Spirit unless we first equally share the material goods and services so all who are willing to do their share have their needs fulfilled - but we realize that the need of each individual is different.

Exact equality of possessions on the physical plane is not desirable nor possible, but equality of opportunity to fulfill our physical needs is the goal of mankind. Keep in mind that the brain needs more oxygen than does the liver, but they are both satisfied if they receive that which they legitimately need and pass the rest on to other parts of the body. Within the brain similar cells share equally. Even so within the Molecular Business, or at least different divisions of it, some diversity of payment may be necessary.

The suggestions I give toward equality are not written in stone, but presented as ideas in a quest. If we knew all the answers the journey would not be nearly as exciting. Equality is a principle that must be worked out by us mortal humans so it becomes a part of our psyche, just as breathing is. The time will come that we will not even think about how to do it because it will be a part of our nature.

More questions and answers to come.