The Question

2003-3-21 00:52:00

Here's an interesting topic for discussion.

Let us suppose that you and your family lived in Iraq. You have no freedom of speech. You live in fear that on a whim your spouse and children could be raped or tortured and you could be forced to watch. You could be tortured and killed if you do not conform. Your family cannot eat if you do not conform. You have little or no economic hope. You realize you must praise Saddam Hussein at every opportunity or you (and your family) may face torture and death. You even have to be careful of not saying anything negative about him in front of your children for if they let something slip at school, your family may face torture.

Before you are two buttons; one green, one red.

If you press the green button then nations will come forth to a war of liberation for your country. Your leader will be disposed of and soon you will have freedom of speech and freedom from fear. The downside is that there is a 10% chance that you or a family member may be injured or killed.

If you press the red button there will be no war and the situation will continue as is.

Which button will you press?

Please try to stay on subject when answering this. Attempts to make the United States, Britain or any other country look as bad as Iraq are way off topic.

If your answer seems unrelated to the question it may be sent to the bottomless pit.