Researching The Brotherhood

2003-1-27 16:55:00

Anna writes:
Dear Friends,

The topic of the White Brotherhood, of which I have some fragmental knowledge only, intrigued me enough that I decided to do some serious research on the topic. As everyone would do, I started with Internet, by going to and searching by "White Brotherhood," I got some 286,000.0 hits, some pretty good hits! Well, this just tells me that I will need help of all those who are as curious as I am to finish this quest in reasonable time. So, all of you who search for truth, let's try to research the topic in the academic fashion and let's see what we will come up with. I cannot wait to see our results. Is that O.K. with you JJ?

This is fine with me but first let me give you some advice.

Every organization and individual, no matter how great their illusion, who has dabbled in metaphysics or New Age philosophy thinks they are either on the side of the Brotherhood of Light of their direct representatives. It's just like every Christian Church sees themselves as the one Jesus would approve of.

Do you think that representatives of the Dark Brotherhood advertise themselves as "The Lodge of Dark Brothers - Come join us."?

No. Even these present themselves as messengers of light and love.

So, in the search for the Brotherhood of Light one must search by the light of the soul.

And as long as you are running things by the soul, I would recommend starting with the writings of Alice A. Bailey.