2002-8-1 14:58:00

Marylin, another mystic, writes:
Here is a good example of true or false. I don't like the word "false" because it sounds too final. Just because Sterling's predictions didn't come true, doesn't necessarily make him a false prophet. Conditions at the time he made them indicated that they would come true. Then conditions changed.

The point of my post was not to tag Sterling as a false prophet. In fact I do not think he initiated the predictions in question, but merely supported and promoted them.

My point was that he should not be so hard on Margaret Storm for making false predictions when he had promoted some himself.

Thank God we do not live in Old Testament times where a person who makes a false prediction was put to death. See Deut 13:1-5 & 18:20-22.

This was one of the reasons Jesus was convicted and crucified. The Jews accused him of making a false prophecy when he said that if the temple were torn down he could rebuild it in three days.

He was talking about the temple of his body, but his accusers thought he meant the stone temple and deemed such a prediction outrageously false and worthy of the death penalty.

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