Truth from the Fanciful

2002-7-30 00:42:00

It is a fanciful dream, but it is nearly all imagination, and not actual.

And here is J.J., and probably many others of you as well, like the small girl's friends, playing along with her make-believe world, pretending it is real, and immersing yourself in that pretend reality.

It seems pretty silly to me.


At least I'm playing along, Sterling. As I've followed your list, I've seen you seriously present fanciful writings and predictions that turned out to be totally false. Just to name two (1) Revelations predicting doom with Y2K and (2) the judgments of God being poured out at the Olympics with government takeover.

This is a test of discernment meaning there are positive and negatives in these writings. This will become more apparent as we move on - especially to the body of the book about Tesla.

John K wrote:
Even if flawed in some ways, the good will always outlive the flaws. Until only the beauty of the painting, is all that remains.

John A wrote:
But, this book might be all the truth some people are able to handle, and if it wakes them up, then God bless them, let them keep seeking until they find more.

This is certainly true. I was introduced to this book many years ago when I was starting to think outside the box. I met this lady while doing some sales work and she somehow saw I was a seeker and excitedly told me she had a book I must read. She said it was a special book and only a few copies were printed and that she would loan it to me.

As I read it, I realized it was not entirely accurate, but I really enjoyed the story and writing style and found it stimulated an interest in Tesla and some of his ideas. She presents several interesting concepts, supposedly from Tesla, that I have not seen anywhere else.

After reading this book I then read everything I could find on Tesla and found much stimulation that lead to some interesting truths.

The point I wish to make is that no matter how fanciful the writings, or how much illusion (for all writings contain some illusion) a discerning mind can find truth, especially if he feels drawn to such writings.

Fictional poetry is indeed fanciful and illusionary, but it can stimulate something grand within the soul.

The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. - Walter Bagehot