Diane's Question

1999-1-20 10:40:00

Diane's Question:

JJ, I have some questions. Jesus and Buddha passed the three tests. Only a handful of people have done this. In your book, you stated that Jesus had many lives before he became the Christ. Out of the billions of people on Earth that have lived only a few have passed the tests. How is it possible that they/we can progress to the point Jesus and Buddha reached to pass the tests? I know that I have not reached this point yet. The odds seem insurmountable to pass the tests to get to the point where Jesus was at his crucifixion. Is it possible to reach the point where Jesus was by small increments in each lifetime and that those increments add up to a life such as his was? Is this karma as in good karma and bad karma? If the bad karma adds up and one must do a penance to overcome this, then do we also have the good karma add up towards the ultimate goal? I don't seem to be able to put this properly into a cohesive thought so I am sorry if this doesn't make enough sense.

Actually, Jesus and Buddha could be in the same quandary as you because if they look at the lives above them and the next plateau that they have to reach, it would be more overwhelming than anything you or I could conceive of.

No matter how far we go on the scale of evolution there is still an infinite eternity of becoming awaiting us. The important thing for all of us to accept and discover is where we are at the moment and then take our next step. If we all just do this one thing then we will have as much joy in our sphere as a Solar Logos has in his.

On the note of "Becoming" I notice in the Gospel of the Nazirenes that instead of just using the term "I AM" as in regular Bibles that this earlier account has Jesus using the phrase "I AM BECOME."

For instance: "I AM BECOME the true bread and the Living Vine...: Page 78.

I am sure that the literal translation here would be I AM BECOMING as most of the verbs in those ancient languages were written in present tense.

The difficult thing is the overcoming of glamour and illusion so we can see our point on the path correctly, so one does not think he is a Buddha when he is just a beginning seeker. Then there are a few who underestimate themselves also because of illusion and often wind up subjecting themselves to one of lower evolution than themselves.

In the churches, for instance, many within the congregation are more evolved than the minister.

All of us will eventually become Masters. The process takes many lifetimes, but remember this. If you are taking a long trip such as hitchhiking across the country you do not put your attention on where you will be in 30 days, but on the scenery that is passing you by right now. Then too maybe you can smell a few flowers along the way.