The Soul and Centers

2002-5-17 04:20:00

White Magic Lessons, Lesson 3, Part 1 -- The Soul & Centers

We are proceeding with Lesson 3. In this lesson we will finish Rule One and go on to Rule Two.

First of all, we want to make it clear that the soul operates on a number of different levels. We have the world of spiritual and the world of physical matter and the soul is midway point in between. It's a spot which is neither water nor land, as the midway spot is neither wet nor dry and must provide the standing place whereon the white magician's feet must be placed. It's neither wet nor dry, speaking in symbology, it is in that midway spot and that is where magic will be wrought, the magic of the white magician.

To obtain soul contact is a little bit like climbing up a ladder. You can't climb up to the top in one step. You need to climb up one step at a time. This would probably be a good time to talk about the chakras. Consider the chakras or energy points. One at the top of the head, one at the eyebrows, one at the throat, one at the base of the spine, one at the sacral center, one at the solar plexus and one at the heart center. Which one is the midway point that governs the soul?





Right, the heart, this is the midway spot. This is the one we need to open up to get the true soul contact. The one at the base of the spine is like the originating point. Between the base of the spine and the top of the head energy circulates. We have webs between the chakras that protect us from obtaining too much energy too soon. All of us are protected from excess soul energy.

If the average person had his soul energy completely open up he would almost evaporate into flames. He wouldn't be able to handle it. It's like coming out of a dark cave into the bright sunlight, you can't handle that. Have you ever noticed when you try to talk to people and you try to point out a truth and it seems like there's a barrier there that you just can't penetrate? No matter how hard you try, they just can't see the point and you know what you're saying is true because you received the inner confirmation. That's because the person has a covering over him and his soul. So his soul refuses to let him have the knowledge yet because he is not ready for that knowledge. We have to be ready for knowledge before it can be poured into us. We have to be ready for the soul light.

The chakras are like candles. Visualize them like candles. The initiating chakra is a flame that lights up and this flame then lights up the second chakra. As this burns higher it lights up the third chakra. As this burns it lights up the fourth and clear on up to the top. When the top one is lit up, it's the most beautiful of all. It has one thousand energy petals. Each energy petal is symbolic of a lifetime. We go through about approximately one thousand lifetimes before all the chakras are all tuned up and lit up.

In approximately each lifetime you unfold a new energy petal. Each one of these chakras has energy petals in them that are unfolded. In each one of our lifetimes we play with a number of energies. Have any of you ever noticed a time that all of a sudden you feel some new energy coming into you that you have never felt before? What did it feel like?


"Well, it was like I was having a hard time staying grounded, it was hard to describe."



Yes, at first it feels totally different. Then what happens as you adjust to the new energy, it begins to feel normal. Like Wayne over here probably has hundreds of energies unfolded in him but they feel normal to him. He may look abnormal to us (laughter) but it feels normal to him. But when a new one unfolds, you think, "Wow! This is really different energy I'm feeling!" This is the energy of your soul unfolding.

The most deceptive of all of the energies is the solar plexus. What most average people call heart energies are really solar plexus energies. Solar plexus governs the feelings; feelings of hate, romantic love, all the positive and negative regular emotions that the regular people have. True heart energies are not what average people call heart energies. True heart energy is a spiritual love and wisdom.

There are two things that happen when the heart opens up. First of all, he begins to feel a spiritual non-attached love; a universal love that encompasses more than his family and his kids. This is solar plexus love (and that's not bad, we all need to develop that). We have to develop lower feelings before we can develop the higher. But in the higher we begin to love all mankind and have the attitude of Jesus. He (all members of humanity) is my mother, my father, my sister, my brother. He who has this attitude will do well in spiritual progress. Acceptance of all, as your father and mother and brother and sister, is the attitude of a heart open. These are the inclusive ones.

The solar plexus energies are exclusive, I love person "A" but I don't love person "B" who is different. The heart energies are inclusive. Jesus used the heart energies, even asking for forgiveness for the people who crucified him. His heart energies were completely opened up so He only knew inclusiveness.

The second main energy of the heart is wisdom. The best word to describe this petal is common sense. The person begins to use his mind tempered with love so he begins to have sense in common with the Higher lives. He doesn't do things unless they make sense, unless they have some purpose behind them. He also begins to break off from authority. He doesn't do a thing just because an authority tells him to do it or an authority doesn't have to tell him how to do something. He uses his own initiative when this opens up.

When the heart center begins to open up in connection with the head center, he is capable of experiencing the Baptism of Fire. The Baptism of Fire is a divine fire which will actually come down through the centers and affect this center. He will have a confirmation as to the direction he needs to go.

If this direction is an inclusive direction, and if it will help other people other than just himself then he can attract the higher energies. But if it's just for which job to take, he won't receive the fire. It will have to be some inclusive direction. For instance, if you existed back in the days of Jesus, and asked your soul, "Do I go with these guys or not?" Going with that little group could've affected the world and large masses of people therefore you could have gotten the fire concerning that.

The direct soul contact has to be connected with purpose. When the fire comes down it affects a number of centers, but the heart chakra has to be somewhat opened up before you can have the ultimate confirmation. When it comes, you won't have any doubt as to the direction you're supposed to go, in that regard. I'll go into the centers more later.

The throat center is the creative center. Artists and musicians and writers will have this opened up. Each one of the centers as we go up brings us closer to the pure soul contact. Remember the soul has a higher self, which is the spirit or the Monad. We always receive our information through soul. As we go to the higher centers we have what is called the Monadic consciousness, a God-consciousness, that's always related to us through the soul. That's why we keep it simple and always refer to all of these as soul contact, even though the highest will be a Monadic consciousness where the soul is receiving the direct impressions of the spirit.


Have you ever felt unusual yet new spiritual energies circulating within you? Tell us how you handled them and how you adjusted.


-- End Of Lesson 3, Part 1 --


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