Audio Number Four

2002-4-3 05:39:00

Editor's Note:  Although this teaching format was well received, JJ was forced to discontinued using this audio format to teach due to increased demands on his time to write the next book in "The Immortal" series. Also, technical problems were discovered with the recording and playback of the MP3 files, which required that the audio files either be re-recorded or removed. Again, because of time constraints, it was decided to remove the files, and so they are no longer available in this format.

Luckily, the audio versions of these nine lessons were voluntarily transcribed into text by members of The Keys Of Knowledge spiritual discussion group, and the resulting text posted and archived in the following articles here in FreeRead Archives:


False Christs & More

Unity Of Words = Unity Of Power

Universe - Authority Seed Thoughts

Becoming What We've Never Been

Going Where We've Never Gone Before

True Authority

Illusion and Self Correction

The Importance Of Knowledge

The Desire To Gather


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Due to the changes described above, the original content of this article became obsolete and required updating and/or replacement. However, if the reader wishes, they can proceed to the Keys Of Knowledge (KOK) Digest Archives, and using the above title and date (which has not been changed), they can read the original message which was used for the content of this article.