False Christs and More

2002-4-25 11:56:00

Nine Lessons

Lesson 1

Today, my friends, we begin an interesting experiment. I'm going to be giving classes or teaching on audio as well as by written format.

We're going to start with "Star Woman's" statement. She said:

"If we did have World War 3 (III) and most of the humans were destroyed, does that mean this is karma for all these people and will they eventually come back in a new world born as cleansed souls?

"If our soul is forever, doesn't that mean even evil people will eventually have to come back and learn from their mistakes and find their spiritual path."


When we make mistakes we always have to come back and go through the learning process that karma teaches us until we achieve perfection. One of the best examples of this is the movie "Groundhog Day." What Bill Murray did in living that "Groundhog Day" over and over is an interesting correspondence to what we do with life. For him it was just a day but with us it's an entire life. As you remember, Bill Murray lived that day over and over and over until he finally got it perfect. When he got it perfect then he was allowed to wake up and enter into the real world. That's an interesting correspondence to the way reality is. We live our lives over and over and over until we achieve an amount of perfection that coming back won't really help that much after that perfection is achieved. Then we can enter into a greater reality.

As far as more mass destructions go, more karma is at play here than just individual karma. Individual karma affects us within our own lives and within our own sphere but we as a unit are connected through our group life through our families, our nations, our groups, the whole planet and so on. The various groups and nations of which we are members of have their own karma. Even though we may be as innocent as the driven snow as an individual, we are subject to national karma, group karma, and the karma of the whole human race. There is even karma beyond that, the whole solar system and beyond. We are subject to these things just like one of the cells in your body may be performing its job fine but if you were to get into a car wreck you're going to affect the productive cells as well as the non-productive cells. All the cells in your body will be affected. There are certain collective events that happen on the earth that will affect everyone and that's due to what we call group karma. Group karma is where the whole group is affected and it's different than individual karma.

As far as World War Three (III) goes, I certainly share Blayne's optimism that Jesus is not coming to destroy, but to save. This is an extremely important point:  The midpoint between the Piscean and the Aquarian Age was 1945, right at the end of World War Two (II). So we've actually swung over the balance since 1945. We've just got our big toe into the Aquarian Age and its going to take another 150 years or so until we're entirely in it but the point of tension was World War Two. If we do our job correctly that will be the major point of tension. There will be other points of tension but that is like the point where the Aquarian Age is born. If we do our job, the doomsday of World War III where 90% of the population is destroyed doesn't have to happen. It could happen if we let it and don't do our part in making sure that terrorists are dominated and not allowed to wreak the havoc that they desire to do. This holds for several world nations.

Barbara asks:

"JJ, did Jesus take bad Karma with Him when He was crucified? Also, the Apostles? Did the victims of 9-11 take bad karma with them?"


Actually on an individual basis, Jesus had worked off His karma and didn't have any karma to take with Him. As I wrote the other day, He did this as an act of service, went through the crucifixion for a purpose other than paying off karma. On the other hand, the world itself has a heavy weight of karma at that age. When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane He faced the "Dweller on the Threshold" for the entire planet, which you could say is the sum total of all negative karma. So when He struggled in the Garden and bled from every pore, as the scripture says, He struggled with the world karma and in that way took upon Himself the sins of the world in the sense that He swung the balance of the world karma. So, instead of the world karma engulfing us, it began to lessen from that point on. Simply put, Jesus initiated a new cause creating new effects.

As far as the Apostles go, most of them did have karma to pay off and they paid a lot of it off in service. When they taught the teachings of Christ and spread them and elevated hope in mankind; this was a means for them for paying off their negative karma from their pasts.

As far as the people from 9-11, some of them, quite a number of them, had significant karma that they paid off in the disaster. There were probably a handful of people who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Quite often, the disasters that we're caught in are a means of us paying off karma and learning our lessons. Those who caused the disaster of 9-11 will, eventually come back and be reborn, and they will have some crazy suicide person interfere with their life and family in the way that they had done so that they can learn their lessons, unless, of course, they choose the path of service as the Apostles and other great people in history have done. Through service, remember, we can pay off karma. Service is a cause which alters the course of causes past.

Speaking of prophets true and false, I did mention that there are prophecies and predictions in the Bible that one could argue may not have come true. (For instance, the one that seems to indicate that Jesus would be married) Rick points out that maybe Jesus was married. We've talked about that possibility in the past. That's the difference between a true prophet and a false prophet. The true prophet, even his questionable prophecies, when you look at them carefully; it's quite possible that they could have a true interpretation. Whereas the false prophets will prophesy specific things like the world is going to end on July 10th or something like that. And July 10th comes and it doesn't happen and they were just flat out wrong. There's no interpretation involved.

One of my main points that I was trying to make about prophecy is that no prophet in recorded history that we know of has been 100% accurate in an iron clad way. Some make that claim but even then we look at their prophecies and it takes a little creative interpretation to put a positive swing on them. What few people pointed out is the difficulty in making accurate predictions is entered in because of free will. Because we have our free will, making 100% iron clad, specific predictions, naming dates and things like this are almost impossible in many instances. One way it can be done is if a Greater Life makes a decision that something is going to happen and then coordinates events and makes that thing happen. If this isn't going on, making exact specific predictions is almost always doomed to failure. Every person I've ever seen, for instance that has read the Bible and made specific predictions from it, have always failed. I haven't seen one guy get it right yet.

The other way to make accurate predictions is through the study of the Law of Cycles which is based on the idea that history and events repeat themselves with minor changes. Accurate general predictions can be made from this law, but exact dates are difficult to conjecture.

So, really the false prophets of our age are those who go around making all types of specific predictions, which turn out to be blatantly wrong, then they make more predictions and they're wrong again. Then they say things have changed and that's why they're wrong, or people repented or whatever. So they keep going over and over and making them wrong time and time again. These people are making predictions which do not materialize, especially the prophets of doom. They make wrong predictions then they make more predictions and they're wrong again. Sooner or later, their followers need to wake up and see their track record is not that great. If you see a person who is making two out of three predictions that are correct, then he is probably getting a certain degree of inspiration and understands the law of cycles and is doing the right thing. We might be able to call this type of person a true prophet. A still better definition is that a true prophet is one who has soul contact and speaks from that context.

John Z asks a couple of interesting questions.

First, John Z asks what happened to Jesus between the ages of 12 and 30? I believe this is fairly accurately represented in the Aquarian Gospel by Levi. You can download The Aquarian Gospel for free from many of the websites which offer "sacred texts." Some of these websites can be found in the Enlightened Links feature at FreeRead.com.

The second question John Z asks is what happened to Jesus after the resurrection? He points out that there are different accounts of the post-resurrection years of Jesus. Some have Him settling down in Kashmir, His tomb is said to be there. Then again, others say he settled down in Japan and His tomb is said to be there. Both can't be right, can they? Then there are accounts of Him being on the American hemisphere, like the Book of Mormon, for instance. I don't have a full knowledge of what happened to Him after the resurrection except Jesus was the one who took the resurrected body. It was His body to begin with so He was the one who occupied it. During the ministry, in particular of Jesus, in Jerusalem, during that three year period, when the Holy Ghost descended upon Him, the Christ came into Him and the two entities, Jesus and the Christ, shared the body for three years. After the resurrection they separated and Jesus occupied the body. The Christ has the capacity to manifest a body at will. This is what I believe happened when He went and visited the American continent. That it was the Christ that went there and manifested the physical body through the higher knowledge that He has.

What happened to Jesus in the resurrected body is somewhat of a mystery and I've been told that we don't have the whole story. DK [Djwhal Khul] happened to say that He eventually became The Apollonius of Tyana, which is somewhat of a mystery because Apollonius was born 0 BC, the same year that Jesus was supposed to have been born. There are some followers of Apollonius that tell you that Apollonius was actually Jesus. So, like John says, we have a lot of interesting legends on Jesus starting up after the resurrection. As I get any further light on this I'll be happy to share it with you.

Thank you Susan Carter for sharing your lesson that you gave your Synthesis Group. I really enjoyed it and seeing how well you mastered a lot of the concepts that we've taught here over the years.

I want to encourage anyone who has any interest to start up your own Synthesis Group classes in your own cities. There are a lot of people interested in learning more and a many don't have access to the Internet or just don't get around to accessing it. Getting together with a live group and saying The Song with them, and rubbing shoulders with them and learning together is really a fun and interesting thing to do. I would encourage you to do that. You can run ads in the paper. Some papers let you run free notices of special types of meetings that you may be having. You can get a certain amount of free advertisement.

So we pretty much covered the prediction that Christ made about the false prophets. He also predicted that there would be false Christs, that many would come in His name, saying "I am Christ" and deceives many. Who are these individuals that are the false Christs? Do we see a lot of people out there claiming to be Christ? Not that many. There's an oddball now and then that thinks He's the second coming but there aren't that many. He points out in His prophecy that there will be many. Now, how has this been fulfilled?

First we must ask the question who is there out there who claims to be Christ? Well, we see a lot of people telling us that the Christ is within them and that they are Christ as much as anyone else. There's another teaching out there which is quite interesting. Many people have the idea that the entity who is Christ won't come again -- that His coming is merely through us recognizing Christ is within. When we recognize that Christ is within, this is the second coming of Christ. This teaching is actually the teaching of the false coming of Christ. People coming in the name of Christ saying, this is the coming of Christ, they shall deceive many. They're saying the entity that was Christ will not come. This is actually the fulfilling of the prophecy Jesus made.

There is an interesting scripture on this in 1st John, Chapter 4, beginning with Verse 3:

"And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ will come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Anti-Christ wherefore you heard that it should come and even now it already is in the world."

Now the regular "born-again" Christian says, "See, you have to confess that Jesus is the Christ or you are the Anti-Christ." But when you read this in Greek, you get a different twist on it. In the Greek it says this:

"And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is coming in the flesh."

In most Bibles it translates it as "has come" or 'is come in the flesh."

When we translate the phrase accurately we to "Jesus Christ is comING in the flesh (meaning a future return of the actual entity) we can read the predictions of the Christ with a real expectation of a visitation from the Master. Those who deny this possibility have the spirit of Anti-Christ and are teaching of a false Christ and incomplete or false return.

So the antichrist teaching, in other words "anti" or "against" Christ teaching, is against the idea that Christ will actually come as an entity, in a body, in the flesh and teach again among mankind. He may do this a number of different ways. Either in a body of His own on in a divine position the way He did last time through Jesus. But He will definitely come. The false Christs or those that deny this possibility will say this coming of Christ is a nebulous awareness of Christ consciousness or the Christ within.

They're using a true principle to distort things because there is a Christ within and we must find that within ourselves so that we can manifest Christ the same way Jesus did. But one thing that is overlooked is that there is an entity that occupies the position of the Christ. That Entity was the one that taught, in ancient Israel and was crucified. So that person, as an entity, if He decides to come again (which He's already made that decision) who are we to say that He can't? And yet there are many, and these are the false Christs, who are the ones that are saying that Christ cannot come again. They think, "He's only going to come the way I have fixed in my mind and that's by recognizing Christ consciousness." As I said, we must recognize the Christ consciousness but we must also recognize that there is an entity that occupies the position of the Christ for the whole planet and the second coming is when He will make a manifestation of some kind. All of the details are not given. The time is not given and no one knows for sure, but He has promised to show up. It will be an interesting time when He does.

There's even mystery behind this. We're told He may come like a thief in the night. We're also told that He will come back in the same way that we saw Him go and there were only about twelve or so people who saw Him go so when He appears will there be only a small number of people that will be aware when He first shows up? There are a lot of mysteries around this; perhaps the most mysterious doctrine in the religious world.


-- End Of Lesson One --


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