1999-1-17 17:26:00


Good accurate information about the two ages. Now we need to find the two key words that reveal their essence.

I loved your web sites with the music.

I felt my soul stimulated as I read the 12 virtues while listening to one of my favorite songs. We are indeed reflections of God who are just trying to find our way home.

I would think it would help if you have the urge to smoke again (which of course you will) to go to your own web sites and bask there for a while in addition to picking up the support of the group which is always with you.

When saying the Song of the 144,000 we should visualize the Light and Love descending on members who need extra support while in the midst of something difficult such as quitting smoking. Members who do need extra energy should let us know so we can channel extra support to them.