Molecular Energy

2001-12-29 01:10:00

Blayne made an interesting post that deserves comment. After noting the experience of the Apostles in re-creating the Molecule on the day of Pentecost he writes:

I have experienced something like this and realized we were practicing something similar. Perhaps not the perfect form described here but never the less tapping into the power to some degree. In my Mormon days I used to get together with some fellow heretics and discuss all the things that were forbidden by the church ;-) After awhile a bond formed between us and we began to have prayer circles, we would make of list of things to pray for and pick someone to be the mouth and unite in a circle holding hands kneeling and go through the prayer. There was mostly males and a couple of females I don't remember the exact number but I think there were four or five males and 2 females. After a few times they became so powerful that it seemed heaven and earth would shake and we would be as if engulfed in flames at times.

(end quote)

Even though the ideal goal for us is a molecule of twenty-four people with twelve males and twelve females to create balance, a lot of spiritual power can be drawn down when three or more achieve soul contact together.

You had seven people, five males and two females. Seven is a powerful molecular number, one used in Shamballa. Since you did not have an equal balance of male/female energies, when you achieved soul contact together the spiritual energy adjusted to the male/female energies within each one of you creating a makeshift molecule of seven individual, rather than seven couples. The molecule of twelve units used by Jesus had to make this adaptation at times because of imperfection in numbers available at times as well as a lack of understanding with some disciples.

Your union of seven caused a geometric increase in spiritual energy. Now imagine what would have happened if you had a perfect balance of male-female energies--seven males and seven females?

Now imagine what would happen if there are twelve males and twelve females, the number of ultimate perfection.

Now, in addition to this imagine what would happen if there were a divine possession linking the molecule directly to the Christ and His Hierarchy of Light?

Shortly after the power began to be manifest, resistance from unexpected quarters also began to manifest and soon there was a rift among two of the circle and then the power was gone when we tried it.

Negativity from unexpected quarters always comes out of the woodwork when an individual or group makes a step forward, especially a step like this. As soon as even one person gets out of harmony, the spiritual power will be gone. The only solution is to send the negative one on his way and seek union with those who remain positive.

Not long after that we quit praying and soon the group broke up completely.

This will usually happen with this type of group endeavor until at least three siftings are made. There is truth in the old adage "three is a charm."

I realize now for a brief period we were functioning as a unit and of one mind and this led to the beginning of something greater then we as individuals were, but not fully understanding at the time what it was we were doing (we thought we were such spiritual giants) we lost it.

You were working with a giant of spiritual energy, but one of the keys is to see yourself as a humble part of the whole which I believe you realize.

To this day though, I long for that kind of power and bond among friends. I have maintained friendship with two of the group but we do not live in close proximity any more but we have a desire to do so and began again such a prayer circle. It gives me that tingling in the spine just thinking about it...

That is a great thing to long for. But when one does feel higher spiritual energies and continues to follow the highest he knows then to experience this and more will be the heart's greatest desire.

On the other hand, if the pilgrim ceases to follow the highest he knows and his mind becomes darkened he will lose his memory of all higher spiritual experiences and will no longer follow the path to achieve them.

Blayne's experience gives us an idea of the difficulty in establishing a permanent working human molecule. On the bright side is that when the first one or two are up and functioning that those who follow will have a much easier time in the creation process because not as much "faith" will be needed.

Part of my purpose in being here and teaching is to throw out a net with the aim of catching (drawing) disciples capable of overlooking personality effects and looking upon the soul of others so the many can become one. Progress is slowly being made but it will be a while before the first molecule is gathered in. We will take whatever time it takes. When the time is right, the group must be gathered together into one place so they can participate in close physical proximity to achieve oneness as Blayne sought to do.

I will be busy the next day or so and may miss a day or two of posting but will leave you with a question.

The Fourth Ray is called the Ray of Harmony through Conflict. What do you suppose are the three sub-aspects?

If you wish to research you might want to search for Fourth/4th Ray, Harmony through Conflict.

Post anything of interest you dig up on this Ray and I'll give my thoughts on it shortly.

"Until the foundation for the coming "jurisdiction" is at least laid, the Christ cannot reappear; if He came without this due preparation, much time, effort and spiritual energy would be lost. Therefore, we must assume (if these premises are accepted) that there must be organised-in the near future-a group of men and women in every country who, under due and proper organisation, will "simultaneously and unanimously" meditate upon those juridical measures and those basic laws upon which the rule of Christ will be founded and which are essentially the laws of the Kingdom of God, the fifth kingdom in the evolutionary and natural processes of planetary unfoldment." DK