2001-12-28 04:28:00

Larry has caught up on all the archives and they are now current. Thanks Larry, for your superhuman effort.

As you are pondering the latest question, this would be a good time to catch up on your questions and comments.

I earmarked Robert's comments, but forgot to include them on the Third Aspect.

For the three sub-aspects he gives: "Truth/understanding/active intelligence."

I believe he is correct in principle. I said it was Light, Knowledge and Active Intelligence.

Light and truth are very closely allied for light reveals truth. Knowledge and understanding are also closely linked for true knowledge leads to understanding, but understanding as it is esoterically understood is closer to the Second Ray, yet from a point of view could be applied to the Third.

Robert continues: Truth is equal to the God within; it just is. Understanding is equal to our physical self; it ask how it is? Active intelligence is equal to movement; it knows where it goes.

The truth is stationary (neutron). Active intelligence is moving around the truth (electron). Understanding is the connection of the nucleus and electron.

The power source is love/wisdom. The engine is purpose which is linked to the truth in the third ray (proton).

So the purpose and truth (nucleus) is connected by understanding to active intelligence (electron).

(End Quote)

Great correlation Bob. This gives us much food for thought. Let us hear more from you.

Marilyn comments that she likes to say the Song of the 144,000 slowly so she can visualize the words. This is a good idea. I like to contemplate the words in between stanzas. Take whatever period of silence you need to absorb what has just been said. The basic principle to follow is to say it slowly enough with pauses long enough so you are doing more than saying words on the physical plane. Breath forth the meaning and spiritual intent to the spiritual plane and to all others saying the Song and to all humanity.

A warm welcome to a new member, Diane (, who asks about Sanaka Kumara and his purported channelings through a medium.

Sanaka is never mentioned by Djwahl Khul but a few details are given by H. P. Blavatsky.

Sanat Kumara is the Ancient of Days. He works within a molecule of seven including himself. H P Blavatsky gives the names of these entities as follows: The Exoteric four are: Sanat-Kumara, Sananda, Sanaka, and Sanatana; and the esoteric three are: Sana, Kapila, and Sanat-sujata.

H. P. Blavatsky associates Sanaka with Michael, the archangel, representative of the Logos of Saturn.

Blavatsky hints that the name Sanaka and the above names of the Kumara are aliases and this is perhaps why Djwahl Khul does not use them when speaking of the Kumaras.

The Kumaras or archangels rarely appear or speak directly with humanity. When they do, it is usually to initiate some great movement or change on the earth. For instance one of them appeared to Moses. The Kumara Gabriel appeared to Mary and later to Muhammad. Michael communicated with Joseph Smith.

The Kumaras do not use the channeling method known as direct voice. Anyone claiming this type of contact is either getting the communication from his subconscious or a tricky astral spirit. The information received may or may not be correct.

The residents of Shamballa, the Kumaras or archangels normally commune with the Masters through representatives known as divine contemplatives, or Nirmanakayas. The Masters then pass the knowledge down to humanity by various means, usually a type of telepathy called the "science of impression."

Elluma, another new member, asks about the Teaching of the Masters of the Far East.

This was one of the first metaphysical books I read and I found many teachings in them which were very good and they did much to stimulate me in my search.

However, I have heard that Baird Spaulding never even went to the Far East as the tale alludes. If this is so then the story is basically fiction, but many of the teachings are true. Edgar Cayce also seemed to hint in this direction.

If anyone has any more information on Spaulding's background, please post it for us.