2001-12-13 03:32:00

Jerdana writes:

"Regarding the polyamorousness thing, I was not referring to polygamy per se, nor to plural marriages per se, but to sexual sharing at random among members of a group and calling it spiritual. It is my understanding that plural marriage involves monogamous couples that share spiritual lives in common. Am I wrong in this? And it also seems to me that the polyamorousness is an excuse to overindulge in carnal pleasures by calling them spiritual and a sacrament, including often being a part of worship itself, with sexual rituals, etc.

"Where does this group stand on such practices, and can they be justified in any way scripturally or spiritually? I had already read the 'Flawed Disciples' piece and do not find a direct answer to my concerns there. Is there a difference between plural marriages and the types of practices I describe? Have I correctly understood the concept of plural marriage as compared to polyamorousness?"


With plural marriage a spouse (usually male) can have more than one mate, but is not allowed to have sex outside of committed relationships.

Polyamorousness is generally more of a free-for-all.

Djwahl Khul makes this statement:

"Sex is then seen to be in truth only the relation of the lower nature to the higher Self; it is then lifted up into the light of day in order that man may reach complete union with divinity. Man discovers that sex (which has hitherto been a purely physical function, carried on sometimes under the impulse of love) is elevated into its rightful plane as the divine marriage, carried out and consummated upon the levels of soul awareness. It is this great truth which lies beyond the sordid story of sex expression, of sex magic and the distortions of modern Tantric magic. Humanity has stepped down the symbolism and in its thoughts debased sex to an animal function and failed to lift it up into the realm of symbolic mystery. Men have sought through physical expression to produce the inner fusion and harmony which they crave and this cannot be done. Sex is but the symbol of an inner duality which must be itself transcended and wrought into a unity. It is not transcended by physical means or rituals. It is a transcendence in consciousness."

("Esoteric Astrology," pgs 385-386, by Alice A. Bailey)

The end purpose of sex is unity and all sex (as well as other energies) must be dedicated toward union and not separateness. Most polyamorousness relationships are merely an excuse to indulge the lower nature.

I have written on this in my book "The Molecular Relationship."

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