Synchronizing Thinking

2001-10-15 11:33:00

"J.J. defends America's conduct as being acceptable.."

This blanket statement is not correct. I have condemned much of her conduct. I have attempted to show that the government has had good reasons in some of the decisions they have made (and this does not imply they made the best decision) for support or non-support of various countries, but that the means of carrying out these decisions are often the words and methods of the dragon as indicated by Larry as far as the information he has dug up is accurate. Many internet sites make a blanket condemnation of the U.S. without presenting both sides of the story, giving many people a distorted vision of the country.

For a long time this correspondence to the "two horns' pretty much "fell flat" for me. For the most part, all these things seemed like they belonged to the same horn. In fact I started out this morning to pretty much to write that and explain how I felt a better correspondence would be to the duality of America that I have described before. That is, the duality of American history where on one side it has represented great good, and on the other done great evil. Things like the Constitution and Bill of Rights would fall into the one horn of "good" and things like slavery and the treatment of many Native Americans into the other.

Good thinking, but the correspondence does not quite fit. The two horns belong to the Lamb - a symbol of Christ. Therefore both horns would represent the good of which slavery and mistreatment of native peoples is not.

The duality of good and evil exists in:
(1) The Two Horns of the Lamb
(2) The words of the dragon.

I still _do_ see that correspondence, but as I was writing that a new way of expressing the concept of the "two horns" came clear to me, and that concept I think corresponds exactly to what I think I now see JJ saying.

The "two horns like a lamb" could correspond to:

1. Political innovations (the Constitution and Bill of Rights -- essentially the form of government created in the United States).

2. Religious innovations (like the LDS, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.).

Perhaps that is what JJ has been meaning all along and I have not quite grasped it before. That makes a great deal of sense and does not fall flat for me.

That meaning was exactly my intent and is does meet the Law of Correspondences.

As far as the fall of the Communist block representing the fall of Babylon in the scriptures I did not mean to imply that this was any literal fulfillment of this scripture.

I said "it fell similar to the description of the fall of Babylon... There is more to this scripture..."

The correspondence was not exact, as you pointed out, but it had similarities as I pointed out, especially of note is the quick collapse.

Some have also equated the devastating fall of the Twin Towers to the fall of Babylon. Again there are similarities, but many correspondences are missing.

Prophesy, even inspired prophesy, often works out this way. Corresponding events occur now and again but usually an exact materialization on the physical plane of the prediction never occurs. Another reason why you have to think for yourself rather than expecting cut and dried results.