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2001-8-9 05:16:00

White Magic -- Lesson Two, Part 30

My Friends,

We're getting ready to take off to the gathering so I'll just be able to take a few moments to make a post to you this evening.

I'll attempt to get to some more of John's questions and the principle of the "threshold of consciousness" when I return.

I think I have just enough time to comment on Benjamin's post.

I previously wrote:

"When mankind first appeared as self conscious units they united into tribes and lived after the manner of the most primitive tribes upon the earth today. Just as hydrogen was the foundation atom even so is tribal living the foundation from which all other types of living and governments have evolved."

To which Benjamin responded:

"This linear model may serve as an abstract conceptual construct, but does it reflect history? That is to say, all history? It may accurately reflect the history of humanity since the end of the last Ice Age, during the last 12,000 years or so, let's say. But how do we account for the existence of advanced civilizations before that span of time? The linear model fails to serve us then.

"Many people believe in and claim to have memories of lives in the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. These were very advanced civilizations by a variety of criteria. The conceit of the Atlantean powers, however, led to the utter destruction of that civilization, and nearly the entire planet, reducing humanity to a primitive state from which we are still recovering.

"Many of us also remember lives lived in other advanced societies, not only in other times long before recorded history but on other planets and in societies which were capable of interstellar travel. It is fascinating to see elements of those societies being portrayed, like a racial memory, in the Star Wars films and the Star Trek television series.

"It may be that linear models are applicable within relatively short timeframes, but on a larger scale, it may be that cyclical models are also needed, for it seems that the history of humanity, both recent and long past, involves advancement and self-destruction, the rise and fall of countless civilizations, an oscillation between sophisticated and primitive cultures. It may also be that a spiral model is appropriate if the cycles of rise and fall do in fact represent a progression from 'primitive' to 'civilized' (with a nod to the complexities of how one defines those terms).

"And it should be remembered that all these 'movements' are happening among various peoples at various times, concurrently, with some increasing in complexity and sophistication, others regressing, some emphasizing technological achievement, others emphasizing humanistic values of social harmony, ecological balance, or expansion of consciousness. As a metaphor, I recall the image of Yoda, in Return of the Jedi: physically unassuming, to say the least, and living in a primitive environment and dwelling, but being nonetheless a Jedi master of considerable power and depth of character. By conventional external criteria, he was living as a primitive, but by subtler criteria, he was a highly advanced being. A worthwhile metaphor, I think.

"Human history is certainly far more complex and convoluted that is generally assumed."


It's good to see you posting again Benjamin. Hope to hear more from you.

I'm surprised you would not think that I have taken the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis into consideration of the equation I put forward. Indeed I have many times taught the idea that there have been lost civilizations, some of them quite advanced. This idea is fairly universally accepted by seekers of wisdom.

The idea of lost advanced civilizations does not conflict with my teachings of evolution in any degree for we first have to consider that the Ancient Wisdom teaches that self conscious man did not appear here a few thousand years ago, but approximately 18,000,000 years ago and the first few million years was indeed very primitive by our standards and the consciousness of humanity was very instinctual with virtually no development of the astral body.

The Lemurian society was basically tribal in consciousness and what seemed to be advances beyond tribal mentality was caused by direct intervention and teaching from the Masters who came here from outside our earth scheme to help the race.

The Atlanteans first appeared around 9 million years ago and slowly developed the astral body -- the emotional self and sought to satisfy every desire with a very materialistic approach.

Again, there were Masters, who were seen as "Gods walking among men" who directly assisted the race.

According to the Ancient Wisdom, Atlantis sank in three stages. The first was a large section in the Pacific Ocean sank around 850,000 years ago. The second was a smaller mass in the Indian Ocean 270,000 years ago and the last was Poseidonis, a small Island and last holdout in the Atlantic Ocean 11,500 years ago. This last sinking gave rise to the legends of Plato.

The masters have sought to cultivate mental principles in humanity over the past couple hundred thousand years, but it is only in this age that the seeds they have planted have the possibility of bearing real fruit.

In anticipation of humanity's evolving mentality, the Masters have withdrawn from physical sight and seek to guide us through the soul by the science of impression.

While it is true that there are cycles to progression and that the upward spiral is a good symbol of our eternal Becoming the linear factor is not to be discarded.

It is popular in this age when we come across mysteries that we cannot explain satisfactory that we merely dismiss logic and say: "We need to throw away linear thinking on this and go into the multi dimensional mode."

Nine times out of ten, people I encounter who go into this multidimensional mode make no sense whatsoever and would be better off going back to linear. If one jumps into illusion he will not be able to see either multi dimensional or linear truth.

If I get into the car and drive a straight road to the store, even though I am going from point A to point B (linear) I still make hundreds of corrections with the steering wheel along the way. From one point of view I did not go exactly linear (because the car had a slight wavering back and forth), but looking at it geometrically it was exactly linear. I went from my home to the store, from A to B.

Now, if I go a different route and take several circular detours on the way, but still get there I still traveled linearly from point A to point B.

Even so with our progression. Just as we progress from grade one to grade two and beyond in linear fashion even so has mankind linearly evolved from instinctual consciousness to astral consciousness to mental consciousness. There are detours and cycles in between, but that does not discount the progression from point A to point B.

Benjamin writes:

"I recall the image of Yoda, in Return of the Jedi: physically unassuming, to say the least, and living in a primitive environment and dwelling, but being nonetheless a Jedi master of considerable power and depth of character. By conventional external criteria, he was living as a primitive, but by subtler criteria, he was a highly advanced being."


When I speak of tribal living I am not referring to people who live in a situation with a minimal of physical possessions. The Masters themselves are not attached to possessions and use only what they need, which is sparse by some standards.

By tribal living I am speaking of individuals who have joined with and identify strongly with the qualities of a family of people. The person's identify is virtually tied to the tribe and the rules and standards of the tribe is to be adhered to.

If the standard of beauty is to have a long neck then artificial means will be used to stretch the neck. If the standard of beauty is long flat lips or mutilation of the body, this is sought without question. If the criterion to be a man is to kill a bear then he will kill the bear.

If female or male castration is the norm, that is fine. If cannibalism is taught as a means of power over enemies then that is pursued without thinking of the consequences.

In tribal living, impulses are followed without questioning.

When impulses are brought under control and tribal authority resisted, then the person advances out of tribal consciousness.

Yoda was definitely not in tribal consciousness. In fact, he lived alone not connected with any group of primitives that I could see.


-- End Of Lesson Two, Part 30 --


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