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2001-8-8 04:57:00

White Magic -- Lesson Two, Part 29

When mankind first appeared as self conscious units they united into tribes and lived after the manner of the most primitive tribes upon the earth today. Just as hydrogen was the foundation atom even so is tribal living the foundation from which all other types of living and governments have evolved.

One of the reasons that some think that tribal living is actually a more evolved state is because we have spent so many past lives in that situation and attachment to ancient memory calls out to some to return to a simpler state as we had in the past.

As I said in the past, civilization has evolved through three states and is headed toward a fourth.

  1. Tribal living.

This was our first state after evolving into self conscious entities. This was also our longest sojourn and during this time we developed our instinctual nature as it works through the etheric body. Instinct within us was very strong creating an attunement with mother earth as the brain, consciousness and feeling nature evolved.

As consciousness evolved, attention shifted to new abilities to insure survival and some of the instincts dropped below the threshold of consciousness. As attention shifted from instinct to brain and feeling, the next stage of civilization evolved in order to supply a vehicle for a more advanced human.

  1. Kingdom living.

As the desire nature grew in strength, and the power of instinct dropped below the threshold of consciousness, tribes had impetus to gather together for both protection and the greater fulfillment of their desires. Civilization at this stage was ruled by a king or dictator; sometimes good and sometimes evil, but with enough power to blend there various groups into a single kingdom.

It is during this kingdom stage that the astral body which governs emotion and desire is developed, but as it evolves humanity begins to realize that following the desire nature alone is not the answer and begins to think of better ways of life. As he develops the mind humanity moves to:

  1. Democratic living in its various stages.

Humanity develops mind and as it does, it mentally calculates the deficiencies of the kingdom's governments and create logical rules and laws which will maintain order while at the same time limiting the power of leaders and giving maximum power to the people in their state of living and choice of representatives.

In the civilized portion of the earth most people are either emotionally or mentally polarized, which is manifest in the existence of kingdom governments and democracies struggling for domination. Even within both the kingdom and democratic lands there are subgroups of kingdoms and freedom movements struggling for the domination of one or the other.

As democratic systems eventually dominate and freedom becomes secure for the majority of humanity another vacuum begins to manifest. It is sensed that the quality of life itself is very important if freedom and prosperity is to be enjoyed. At this time humanity will begin to seek a higher spiritual living and move to:

  1. Cooperative living.

In democratic living, humanity developed the mind with its power to plan, reason and create through competition. As man reaches for his spiritual roots he desires less competition and more cooperation. Cooperative living will openly acknowledge soul contact by its various names and a general conscious sense of the oneness of all things will lead to the "life more abundantly" as prophesied by Christ.

The keynote of cooperative living will be synthesis. In this system humanity will rise to polarization above even the mental to the intuitional plane and incorporate the best of the previous three systems for their use.

The beginnings of cooperative living are beginning to manifest even now, but it will be some distance in the future before they begin to dominate.

So to recap, the journey of humanity goes from tribal living where he develops the instincts, but does not understand them. He evolves to kingdom living and expands his consciousness into the astral realm and does not understand that either. Next he moves to democratic living and develops mind and begins to understand some things. Finally, cooperation leads to a synthesis of the previous three and a full understanding of their interplay and basic principles.

Each of these four categories will be occupied by people of differing states of evolution, but overall each will attract inhabitants along the lines of its polarization. For instance tribal living will generally attract people in instinctual consciousness, kingdom living -- astral consciousness, etc.

As we move from state to state in our evolution as a whole, humanity shifts their attention from one principle to another, and as we do new fields of consciousness manifest and others drop below the threshold of our consciousness.


As we move from tribal to kingdom what drops below the threshold of consciousness?

What drops when we move from kingdom to democracy?

Are these things lost for good? If not, when will they be retrieved?


-- End Of Lesson Two, Part 29 --


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