The Ladder of Evolution

2001-8-6 05:09:00

White Magic -- Lesson Two, Part 27

The question presently before us is:

"So what do you think? Are primitive tribal members more evolved than us civilized folk?"

We have received an interesting assortment of answers on this. Usually the group is in harmony, but on this we have a difference of opinion. This is good in that it indicates a path of learning for us.

Anni gave us a good and accurate answer from the viewpoint of the Ancient Wisdom. If one truly believes in the line of teachings from Alice A. Bailey, H. P. Blavatsky, and the ancient East, then one must accept that there is indeed a Hierarchy of Masters who do reveal knowledge to humanity from time to time. A good portion of this teaching is concerning our place upon the path, and the nature of evolution from grade to grade and kingdom to kingdom.

Anni said:

"When we talk about being more or less evolved we are thinking about the evolution of the consciousness."


This is a good statement. And consciousness is expanded through the removal of limitations of barriers between the worlds and learning to function eventually in all worlds.

Anni continues:

"At all levels of consciousness we get some 'feelings' or impressions. According to DK we all start out using instincts, an inner knowing which helps us survive and experience the physical world. Later we grow into being astrally grounded and our feelings will tell us things to do. This is where we might get in contact with astral beings whispering us in the ear but not always knowing more than we do ourselves. A psychic on this plane might get some information, which might or might not be true but the important thing is that she does not understand where it came from. This is also called lower psychism.

"Slowly we grow into being conscious on the mental level and we develop higher psychism or intuition. That is when you get in contact with your own soul and you will just 'know' that it is true at this time. After some practice you will get to be a conscious co-creator on the physical plane. I don't think any tribe members have reached this level of co-creator."

Very accurate representation of Djwahl Khul's [DK's] teachings, Anni.

Annie then says:

"I am sure we will not end up in a tribe again wearing a loincloth in a jungle."


This is a good point Anni. If those who live in native tribes in loincloths are more highly evolved than we are, then they would be our teachers and represent our next step in evolution. Those who are the Lights of the earth would be aspiring to join a tribe somewhere as a neophyte and merge with them.

If I believed such a doctrine I would be there right now dancing around a campfire with the best of them attempting to stimulate my progress.

The funny thing is that there are many who do believe native tribes are superior in evolution, but such believers seem to have no motivation to join a tribe so they can be evolved also. Why is this?

I think the reason is that they do not entirely believe such a thing for where we aspire is where our consciousness is. We aspire to where we believe our progress will be. If one truly believed that his progression lie in the direction of tribal living then he would put on the loincloth.

If one truly believed in his heart that the animals are higher than us then he would join a pack and go howl with the wolves and seek to become an animal in his next incarnation.

To which kingdom do we indeed aspire? Are we all not gathered here because we seek the next kingdom in our evolution which is the Kingdom of God, the plane whereon the Masters may be found?

That is the kingdom higher to us.

Let us recap the progression of life through its various stages.

Most consider the mineral kingdom inorganic, but in reality wherever there is matter there is life and life in this sphere is in its most elementary state.

But even in this kingdom there are different stages of evolution. Hydrogen is the most primitive atom. Oxygen, for instance is more advanced, lead is more advanced still and gold more evolved still. This is a scientific fact and should be beyond argument.

So why is gold more evolved than hydrogen?

Several reasons:

Now when we move ahead to the higher mineral substances and the other kingdoms we can see how these four principles hold true.

In the molecular mineral kingdom let us pick a garden rock, (the lesser evolved) the quartz crystal, (more evolved) and the diamond (more evolved still).

  1. The rock came first, the crystal later, and then the diamond.
  2. Quartz crystal is more complex than the rock, and the creation thereof takes more intelligence and the diamond more still.
  3. The ring-pass-not is increased in the crystal over the rock. It aids with many of our communications and is said to share with psychic consciousness. The diamond winds up in contact with a life form three kingdoms higher (human) and encounters many contacts.
  4. A crystal is more sought after than a rock and the diamond more sought after than the crystal.

Now, if we move to the vegetable kingdom we see that these four principles apply again.

Take a piece of moss, a blade of grass and a beautiful flower and make the same correlation. It might be interesting to examine what is perhaps among the highest evolved in the plant kingdom. I would consider this to be radioactive ginseng. This only grows wild in several parts of the world and if I remember correctly gets up to about 100 years old. This rare ginseng actually glows in the dark and grows in the image of a man and sells for $5000 an ounce and more. This is a very complex plant said to be capable of restoring youth and sexual vitality. Do not confuse this with the ginseng in the health food stores which is also evolved, but not as much as the radioactive plant.

Now let us pick some on the evolutionary scale from the more complex animal kingdom. Going from less evolved to the higher we have:

  1. An amoeba;
  2. A fly;
  3. A jellyfish;
  4. A mouse;
  5. A rabbit, and;
  6. A dog.

Again, we can apply these four principles we can see why one member is more evolved than another.

Finally we get to the human kingdom. In comparing them to the animals, using these four principles we have:

  1. Physically, animals preceded man in evolution. Our bodies evolved from the animal kingdom and now we feed upon them, just as the animals feed upon lower life forms in the vegetable. We nourish the animals by assisting in their care. We have been careless at this but DK actually says that humans will eventually become the saviors of the animal kingdom.
  2. Humanity creates much more complex organizations than do the animals. Compare New York City or Tokyo to a flock of geese or a herd of cattle.
  3. Humanity has a larger ring-pass-not. An animal rarely travels far from its birth, but a human may cross the globe and even go to outer space through his own ingenuity. An animal consciousness is centered in the instinctive world whereas the human perceives the complexity of the emotional and the world of mind and ideas.
  4. Higher animals respond to love and may have an elementary sense of it, but do not seek to understand it. This is one reason they are so endearing to us.
  5. The masters take a much greater interest in humans as individuals than they do animals. They do work with the animal and lower kingdoms as a whole, but you never hear about a new revelation about the mysteries of black holes or the meaning of life being given to a horse or a tree.

Now we move up to the various grades within humanity. We shall talk about this next.


-- End Of Lesson Two, Part 27 --


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