Plane of the Monad

2001-7-8 04:31:00

White Magic -- Lesson Two, Part 6

Dino asks:

"JJ, according to Djwahl Khul the family of monads for this planet is 60 billion. Does that mean that all the monads created for this planet were all created by the same Solar Angel or by many different Solar Angels?"


The monads were not created by the Solar Angels for the plane of the monad is higher than the plane of the soul. Each Solar Angel has a monad of its own that it has become one with. The monad has a consciousness on its own plane, the plane of spirit, but the monad of the average man does not have consciousness in the lower worlds. The job of soul energies and the Solar Angel is to work with the lower man until the monad and the lower reflection is linked and directed toward oneness.

We had a beginning as human forms and the Solar Angels had beginnings to their current state, but the monad had no beginning and will have no end. Monads fold up and then unfold again as one creation ends and another begins.


"Does the Christ or the Planetary Logos of this planet have the same Solar Angel?"


There are many Solar Angels in this Solar System, but the ones for this earth, in connection with human life, are from one basic family and share a oneness of life. The Christ and the Logos have merged with their Solar Angels ages ago and are one with their own monads. They have their attention on unfolding the wholeness of God reflected in their own monads.


-- End Of Lesson Two, Part 6 --


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