Status Report

2001-7-4 02:44:00

My Friends,

Several have expressed interest in knowing the status of Book III of the Immortal and/or plans for future endeavors.

As some of you know we created the co-teacher program with the goal of freeing up my time so I could make progress toward Book III and publishing additional materials. As it was, about 100% of my extremely limited free time has been spent in teaching this class, organizing the Triads, printing, promoting and distributing the first book. My wife and I have a business on the side that pays the bills for us, but is very labor intensive for me so I have to be very selective with my free time. I am no longer in Real Estate, but have a sign business and also do some printing and brokerage. I spend a lot of time until the wee hours of the morning making signs, typesetting and creating graphics. I thought Real Estate kept me busy, but this business is worse. On the other hand, it has allowed us to do our own printing of the book and helps us in that light. I have printed most of the Immortal books with my own hand.

Writing Book I was difficult enough. Most of it was written after 2 AM in the mornings after I got the rest of my business out of the way. After it was done I put it on the Internet and promoted it as a marketing test. I also started a discussion group on AOL. That is where I met our oldest member, Rob.

A lot of people downloaded the Book and showed interest in the teachings I had so I was encouraged. The problem I had was that I became so involved with readers and teaching that I had no time to write Book II. In order to accomplish this I ceased promoting Book I, withdrew my energy from the study group, cut down on my e-mails and started Book II.

In doing this essential step I left a lot of people in a vacuum and some of them felt deserted by me, including my good friend Rob. Even so, there was no other way to complete volumes one and two.

After two years of work in my spare time the complete book was finally finished. After this, my spare time was spent in preparing and printing the book. Finally, we had it done and began the distribution and sales.

Shortly after this I was contacted by Rick who wanted to start a study class around the teachings and invited me to join in. I encouraged him, but made no promises, as I remembered how time consuming the last class was.

After he got it started I posted a few writings and my wife warned me:

"If you proceed with teaching here, you're not going to have time to write Book III."

I assured her that my plan was merely to make a few comments now and then. This was indeed my plan, but instead found myself drawn to present many more teachings than I planned at this stage. As the list evolved into a classroom with me as the teacher the path registered well with my soul even though I was not writing Book III.


The initial plan was not only to write twelve books in The Immortal Series, but also a number of books which present the teachings in a more standard and expanded format.

The Immortal series presents the teachings in a format that is interesting and easy to read, but it has the drawback of taking quite a few pages of material to present a concept.

Therefore, a number of books expounding teachings only (without the story format) were always deemed necessary.

So what occurred to me after the list progressed was that the amount of actual amount writing that I accomplished was two or three times the amount of what I did while writing the Immortal. There were several reasons for this. One of the main ones is that I had instant feedback to my writings and a daily sense of responsibility to provide new material.

When writing a book, especially in story format things are different. If it is late at night and I have only a limited time to write then by the time I got my thoughts together I would often be too tired to write. When teaching the Keys I feel a greater responsibility to give you material and it takes less time to organize my thoughts. Writing a story is easier with larger blocks of time while teachings, as I do here, can be done with smaller blocks of time.

As we progressed in the Keys I saw that, even with my limited time that I was putting out quite a volume of teachings, which is a necessary part of the whole plan. By getting many teachings in black and white now - this would allow me more time to write The Immortal series when we are able to quit our business and give me the larger blocks of time I need.

Because an essential part of what I have to do is being accomplished with my teaching on the Keys, I decided to proceed and on the side do everything in my power to free my hands financially so I could do the teaching and writing full time.

A few months ago I decided that I needed some extra time to further progress toward this goal. As it is we have only one thing to sell that brings in any income outside of our regular business and that is the book - The Immortal. If I could free up some time and publish some of my writings and work on Book III then this would be a major step toward doing the work full time.

Thus the first part of the goal was to create additional media for sale and after this is done to start Book III.

To free up some time we started the co-teacher program.

As this has progressed I think this was a good idea whether I needed more free time or not as I believe it provides opportunity to some of the talented people on the list and it adds more depth to the teachings, the list as well as interaction.

Since implementing the co-teacher program some progress has been made, but not as much as I anticipated, and in a little different direction than I planned.

I just about have a CD ready which contains all the postings that have ever been made on the Keys. Marylin has been working countless hours on editing out all the html and duplication so it will be much easier reading than going to the Spirit Web archives. In addition to this it will contain hundreds of free digital books on philosophy, metaphysics, history, and thought-provoking fiction.

A number of us are working on a web page ( that will be a synthesis of metaphysics, health, science, politics, religion and philosophy. We believe that this will become a strong draw and a springboard to promote the books and other ventures. This is where I have been putting a lot of my time lately. We hope to get the metaphysical section on line shortly and then I plan on turning over the most of the work I am doing in this area to others.

I have been editing The Molecular Relationship and getting it ready for printing. I am behind schedule on this, but after I finish work on the above two projects I will concentrate on this and then the work should proceed briskly.

Now the big question everyone has is: What about Book III.

I have started it, but have not had time to get far on it. It is very difficult to concentrate on it when my time is so limited.

When I started Book II I shut off almost all endeavors on the web including most e-mail contacts, and even doing this it was a miracle that I was able to write it when there were so many demands on my time.

I could do the same thing again, but my soul says no. This time there are numerous key people who need to stay cohesive to form a vortex of force when greater work becomes available. This time I cannot take my attention off of this work we have created together.

Here then is my immediate goal.

Get the website initiated, finish the CD and then print the Molecular Relationship and other books I have already written.

When it looks like I have enough products to sell to make a living I will quit my business and free up a large package of time that will give me the freedom to write the Immortal books quite quickly. When this time comes I should be able to put a new one out every six months. If I have time to concentrate I could write them quite quickly.

That's my status report my friends. I wish I could tell you that I have the next Immortal book done, but this feat along with all else I have to do has been beyond my ability. I appreciate your support in getting as far as we have, but all we have done so far is only preparation for the real work. We are on the threshold of an opportunity, the likes of which is unforeseen by all the prognosticators. Let us all endure whatever time the goal takes and in the end the vision will manifest.