White Magic -- Lesson One, Part 9

2001-7-2 05:30:00

As I was saying, there are two extremes in all things and both extremes are almost always incorrect. The extreme of relying too much upon a hierarchy is incorrect and the extreme of dismissing the need for a hierarchy is also incorrect. Have you ever found a sizable business that works without a hierarchy? It doesn't. Every successful enterprise has to have some sort of structure, hierarchy, or chain of command or else it will fail.

On the other hand, if you have a business where nobody has power to do their jobs without asking their boss then it suffocates and it doesn't succeed either. Both extremes are wrong even though there has to be hierarchy in all things. Let us review briefly how the Hierarchy works. The head of the Hierarchy is of course the One Great Life that permeates all things. We call this the Universal Logos. The Universal Logos sends his energy down to all the several Logoi until we get to our Galactic Logos. In our Galactic Logos there are several billion Solar Logoi, or star systems.


"What's a Logos?"


A Logos is a governing life-form of a body. The life form of the universe would be the Universal Logos.


"Is this what the Bible referred to as the Word?"


Right. Where it says "In the beginning was the word" in Greek it says "In the beginning was the Logos." Now we have the Galactic Logos and several steps down, from our point of view, is the Solar Logos. This Logos is the entity that permeates our entire solar system. All of us are parts of His giant body including the earth. Each of these Logoi creates by the power of their Word which is God.

The Earth is one of the organs of the body of the Solar Logos. He sends His energy down to the planetary Logos, which occupies the Earth. The next step down is Shamballa. Shamballa is governed by one who is called Sanat Kumara, the spokesman for the Planetary Logos. In the Bible, in the book of Daniel, He is referred to as the Ancient of Days.


"Is Shamballa on the Earth?"


Shamballa is on the Earth, its main headquarters is in the Gobi Desert, and is built of etheric matter. Does everyone know what the word etheric means? We're going to teach it later on and we're going to show you how to see your etheric body. You have a physical body and an etheric body in addition to the astral and mental body. The etheric matter is what holds form together. It's the mediator between you and your soul.


"Do you have disappearing ink there or did you erase that? (Referring to the display board)"


It seems to be disappearing, doesn't it? Okay, the next step down is what the Tibetan normally refers to as the Hierarchy as far as humanity is concerned. This is a group of Masters presided over by the Christ.


"Do they hang out in Shamballa or just wander around?"


No, they receive information and intelligence from Shamballa. Then they act as intermediaries between Shamballa and humanity. They live at various places on the planet and some of them have incarnated as regular humans.


"So when the Tibetan says he sometimes teaches from a lamasery does that mean he is a regular human?"


It's possible he could have undergone a regular incarnation after Alice A. Bailey died, but as a Master he can appear in a physical body and be just like a regular guy if he wants. When a person becomes a master, he is capable of working in all the three worlds. He could appear at the door here and walk in. Maybe one of you is the Tibetan for all I know. He can appear like a regular guy and He can also raise his vibration and go into the astral worlds, the celestial worlds, the mental worlds and the formless worlds. When we use the term Master it means that he's a master of the three worlds of form and can be what he wants to be in them.


"If a Master incarnates does he lose his powers?"


When each of us, no matter how high, incarnate we have to pass through the phrases of our previous progression. In his early life a master or disciple incarnated as a regular mortal will not realize who he is, but will often discover it later on. Sometimes he will make some wrong choices and get caught in a loop that he must work through that may take several lifetimes to get back where he was. Therefore, we can see that it is a risk and great sacrifice when one of the Great Ones comes to us. They much prefer to work through disciples.

Humanity misses out on the higher energy and mastery which is the privilege of the Hierarchy and thus is in a "fallen" state in relation to them.


"So where is Christ within the Hierarchy?"


He is the head teacher of the Masters in what is called the fifth kingdom on the earth, or the Kingdom of God. Humanity is the fourth kingdom, animals the third and so on.

If we've cut ourselves off from the Hierarchy that channels down the Spiritual Energy from the One Life then we're in a state of disarray and communication from the One Life back down will tend toward one particular thing and that is union. In the beginning matter was created and everything was separated into billions of parts and now its time to bring the billions of parts back together, bring the matter back into spirit and bring everything back home.

All communication through the Hierarchy is leading man toward merging or union. This is a lesson that the new age people have to learn, they can't go back home alone. We all have to go back home together and that's why, before you can receive your next revelation, you have to help, disseminate what you already have. If you're starting from scratch, fine. What you're learning in this class, for instance, puts you under some responsibility because if you want to learn more, to become enlightened you must teach it. Teach wherever you find a response -- just don't make a nuisance of yourself or violate another's free will.

The next thing the Tibetan talks about is man's three aspects. The three aspects are most commonly known among man at this time as the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. He calls them energies. While it is true an entity can represent a part of the Trinity, don't think of them as people, but think of them as aspects of God.

Consider the Father, Son and Holy Ghost energies or aspects. He calls the Father aspect the First Ray of Power, the Son aspect, the Second Ray of Love Wisdom and the third, Holy Spirit aspect, the Third Ray of Active Intelligence.

The First is related to spirit, the Second to soul and the Third to matter. As a matter of fact, matter is a derivative from an ancient word 'materia' which means mother. So we have Father/Spirit and Mother/Matter, their interplay produces the soul energy of the Second Ray.


"So spirit is one and matter is three? How come the son isn't matter?"


Because the Son is the mediator. The Son is the mediating energy between spirit and matter. That's why Jesus is called the mediator because He was an expression of the Second Ray.


"Is that why earth is called mother Earth?"


Earth is a mother because is receives impregnation by Spirit and this creates life.

Jesus is called the mediator between God and man because He had soul contact so He was able to mediate between the spirit energy and the matter energy. He was able to balance the boat. He was the first perfectly balanced man.

The soul has two main aspects, like I said. The lower aspect, which few understand, is the involutionary aspect that leads us downward and pulls us into the world of experience and form. Then when we become more in contact with spirit than we are with matter, we contact the second aspect of soul and a door opens to progress toward Spirit.

So we have animal soul and divine soul. We have two impulses pulling on us. Most of humanity is more in contact with animal soul but more and more people are getting in contact with divine soul and fulfilling their wish to go back home. They've had enough experience for now.


"I've heard that when the soul is contacted and balance is achieved the scales begin to tip toward spirit?"


Yes, right, we've been through a spiral of evolution for billions of years in this universe and man is at the midway point of evolution of life in the scheme of things. We occupy a very important point, for of all the lives in the universe, man is the midway point. Humanity, within the physical body of God which is the universe, is the soul of the universe. That's one way of looking at it.

DK says the soul is the attractive force of the creative universe, that brings all form together and all the form into being. Soul plays upon matter and forces it to assume certain shapes, the end of which is to reveal God. Here's a couple of things He said that I find quite useful. The Tibetan said, "Therefore the soul might be defined as that significant aspect in every form made through this union of spirit and matter which feels, registers, attracts, repels, responds or denies response, keeps all forms in a constant condition of vibratory activity."

Next, DK says the soul is a perceiving entity produced through the union of Father/Spirit and Mother/Matter. It is that in the vegetable world, for instance, which produces response to the sun's rays and the unfolding of the bud. It is that in the animal kingdom that enables it to love its master, hunt its prey and follow at its instinctual life. It is that in man which makes him aware of his environment and his group which enables him to live his life and evolution in three worlds, as the onlooker, the perceiver, the actor. It is that which enables him to eventually discover that this soul in him (soul contact), is dual and that part of him responds to the animal soul and part of him recognizes his divine soul. The majority, however, at this time, will be found to be functioning fully as neither purely animal nor purely divine but can be regarded as human souls.

The universal soul manifests in various states of awareness:

The Tibetan [Djwhal Khul] also adds:

"Group consciousness, which is the consciousness of the great sum totals, is arrived at by man through the development, first of all, of his individual consciousness, the sum total of the lives of his animal, emotional and mental natures, plus the spark of divinity dwelling within the form which they make. Then comes awareness of his group, as specified for him in that group of disciples, working under some one Master who represents to him the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy might be defined as the sum total of those sons of men who are no longer centered in the individualized self-consciousness, but who have entered into a wider realization, that of the planetary group life. There are stages in this realization, mounting all the way from that tiny group recognition of the probationary disciple up to the completed group awareness of the life in Whom all forms have their being, the consciousness of the planetary Logos, that 'Spirit before the Throne,' Who manifests through the form of a planet, as man manifests through his form in the human kingdom."


The soul manifests itself in its three aspects. On the first level we have the monad, will and purpose, and secondly soul love leading to group awareness. In the second the personality hides within itself as soul light, which is called the light in the head. It is found within the brain and is only discovered and used when the mind is developed.

When we include all life upon our planet within our consciousness we can the shift to monadic consciousness and cooperate with the Solar Logos. That's when our consciousness is so universal that we see even beyond helping the Earth and instead have the whole solar system in our consciousness, which is way beyond what most of us have achieved.

The three aspects manifest in many ways in man's body. First of all we must realize that our body is a unity which is divided into many parts. It's like Paul said, there is one body but many parts. All of these parts are interdependent, according to the Tibetan. Each part and each organism is composed of molecules, cells, and atoms. These are held together in the form of the organism by the life of a man and are roughly divided into five parts, some of greater importance than others but all completing that living organism we call a human being.

The first part is the head. The second, the upper torso, that which is above the diaphragm, the third, the lower torso and arms and lastly legs. The three major parts, of course, are the upper and lower torso and the head, corresponding with the three aspects. Man can exist without his arms and legs but he cannot exist without his three main parts.

Each of these three parts is also divided into a triplicity. Within the head is the five ventricles of the brain, or what we might call the brain as an organism, secondly there are three glands, the carotid, pineal and pituitary and thirdly the two eyes.

Within the upper body, there's the throat, the lungs and the heart. In the lower body there's the spleen, the stomach and the sex organs.

The sum total of the body is also a triple. We have the skin and bony structure, the blood system and the nervous system. The physical nature corresponds to the skin and bony structure. The blood vessels and circulatory correspond to the soul and the nervous system corresponds to the spirit. We won't go into all the symbolisms of the whole of the physical body in relation to the three aspects but you can read about it on pages 41-50 in the "A Treatise on White Magic." One can examine the different parts of the body find many correspondences.


-- End of Lesson One on White Magic --



Read the chapter on "Rule One" of White Magic which is:

"The Solar Angel collects himself, scatters not his force but, in meditation deep, communicates with his reflection."



What is the Solar Angel? Why are we called his reflection?


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