Polarization of the Spheres

2001-6-21 11:51:00

I just have a few moments for a short post.

One thing that has been in question is the polarity of the various parts of ourselves. The answer is quite simple, for as you go from the lowest to the highest sphere the polarity switches in each step.

The physical plane as a whole is polarized male in relation to our consciousness.

The next plane up is the emotional, or astral, and that is of female polarity.

Then we arrive at the mental, which is male.

To go higher than this we must attain soul contact. The soul itself is neither male nor female, but is a door to the worlds of higher vibration, which worlds are represented by the Higher Triad.

The next sphere of consciousness is the Intentional or Buddhic plane. This is female and is sometimes called the Fourth Cosmic Ether. This is a plane where divine ideas take form.

The fifth sphere is the Spiritual or Atmic, also called the Third Cosmic Ether. This is male and is the sender of divine thought and creative ideas to the Buddhic plane. This is the highest plane where the concept of Self as we understand it has any meaning. This is the plane attained to by the Buddha where the thought of self is relinquished as one blends with the greater whole. Even though our individual identity is eternal the time comes when we identify with the greater rather than the lesser.

The sixth sphere is the Monadic or the Second Cosmic Ether. The monad is the mother which gives birth to Self and is female.

The Seventh is the Divine, or the first cosmic ether, and is so close to balance that it is basically neither male nor female. It is the "parent" of the lower spheres.

Now if we look at creation in its totality we have two grand divisions which is spirit and matter. The interplay between the two is soul.

Spirit is male because it sends the seed of creation into the womb of mother matter. The union of the two creates life or soul, the essence of which is neither male nor female, even though soul is often associated with the Son of God.

The term "Son of God" as referred to in inspired writings is representative of the potential of us all whether we be in male or female bodies.

It is interesting that the Masters refer to all of us, whether we are male or female, as brothers. DK calls Alice A. Bailey his brother several times.

On a troubling note Glenys' test results show a more serious problem than she thought so do not forget her in your meditations and prayers.