Reality Based

2001-6-19 12:25:00


I apologize to the members of this list for this drift into argument. When I am accused I am put into a no-win situation.

If I continue teaching as if the accusation does not exist then many think we are suppressing the views of others.

But if I answer and defend what I believe to be correct I am accused of leading the group to negativity, putting down the member, etc.

Overall I have deemed it best to answer accusations as they come forward, hoping that someday I will have all bases covered and then we an refer readers to the archives.

Since this idea of me not allowing female expression is a relatively new one I thought I would deal with it.

Now my old friend Xavier wants me to explain why I called people certain things:

You say I have called people rude. I believe that Dave is correct that I have called no one individual rude.

I did a word search for every form of the word "rude" and here is all the instances I have used the word since October of 2000.

Even so I do not recollect anyone being RUDE to Volker.

There are only three things a people have done to make themselves unwelcome. (1) Express RUDENESS with name calling and bad language.

So, for those of you who would like to post but are nervous about it, let me invite you to make your comments. We would like to hear them whether you be male or female. Unless you are RUDE or highly confrontational you will be met with kindness.

Are you identifying female emotion with RUDENESS and negative feelings?

I have NEVER criticized an e-mail for being emotional. I have pointed out RUDENESS and false accusations and admonished members to be truthful and polite.

End Quotes.

Then you say I pointed out "negative emotions" in members.

I did another word search for the phrase "negative emotions since 10/2000 and nothing comes up.

You are calling me to task on name calling indicating that I have falsely pointed out that Janine used this tactic, but I have already covered this in my post of June 9th.

She has used names such as "egotist," "groupie," "hypocrite," "unbalanced" and the "elite" in reference to Keys members.

As far as the fourth item you want me to explain which is "accusations with no foundations." Yes, I have pointed this out from time to time and I shall point it out again now, for the above three accusations I have just covered seem to have no foundation. I have no desire to delve further on this even though I could.

I have enough flaws available for scrutiny without creating new ones which only exist in someone's imagination.

I do hope we are done now and that we can continue with the purpose of the class. I do not wish to defend myself any more unless an accusation is made which is based in reality.