Female Things

2001-6-18 03:45:00

Deborah wrote:

I read the posts on list and I have to correct you here: Xavier had the idea & brought up the idea of the women's council. Have you read the discussion in the Cafeteria?


Yes, it does seem to be mostly Xavier's (a male) idea, but was formulated after a brainstorming session between him and Janine.

JJ quote:

"If you think that all the thousands of pages of teachings I have given you is worthwhile then one must also realize that they came from somewhere and they had to be received with a female polarity."


Serious question here: Does the receiving stop at a certain point where the female energy is no longer needed.


Both the male and female energies are always needed to complete any thought or form. There is no hint in anything I've said that there will be a time when the female energy will not be needed.


I feel like your taking offence at this suggestion and in truth the purpose here was to help with the goal towards the molecular family/relationship/group. If you would just listen to what is being said with a little more openness, well that would be appreciated.


No offense taken. I just do not see a need for a formal female (or male) organization here in a class setting. It is suggested that a female council would provide a better forum for the female point of view to be heard.


As it is both the females and males have the freedom to be heard all they want if they will speak up and be on topic.

It is said that some females are not speaking up because they feel intimidated. I would guess that there are just as many male lurkers who are also not speaking up. Is this because they need a male organization to speak for them?

As it is, both males and females are free to speak up either as an individual or on behalf of some council they form as long as they do not disrupt the class.

Let me repeat here. Rick organized the Keys and invited me to teach in a classroom type setting. The Keys list is thus a tool to gather like-minded souls who wish to learn from me and each other.

The purpose of the Keys is not to create molecules, but to teach about them and other principles.

Other organizations and groups will be created for other purposes, but for the Keys, the purpose is to gather, teach and learn.

So, for those of you who would like to post but are nervous about it, let me invite you to make your comments. We would like to hear them whether you be male or female. Unless you are rude or highly confrontational you will be met with kindness


Honestly I have predicted the reaction of this group when I first heard of this idea; needless to say I am not surprised.


I'm glad our objective is clear enough so we can give a predictable response here.