A Female Council

2001-6-16 07:39:00

Janine has suggested we start a woman's group on this list to balance off the supposed excess male energy coming from the teacher and a good percentage of the group including females. Since this is getting some discussion in the Cafeteria I thought I would comment.

First, let me state that the Keys is designed to be a class and not an organized group or group of groups.

Have you ever been in a class in college or any other educational facility where a women's group was organized to counterbalance the teacher?

In a class you have the teacher(s) and the students and an interplay that leads to learning. I do not see how a group called out and dedicated to the female energy at the exclusion of the male would improve on this time tested method.

Secondly, I do not see the group as having an excess of male polarization. Because we do make use of the mind here (which has a male polarization) the Keys may seem to be in contrast to other groups who teach the mind is evil and should not be used. That would put such groups in excess emotional (female) emphasis rather than us in excess male energy.

Even though we do use the mind and common sense here, it is balanced off by a tremendous amount of intuition (female polarization), love between the members (female polarization), and quite a bit of warm fuzzy and sometimes not so fuzzy emotional expression (more female polarization).

Thirdly, the response I have received from females on this idea is overwhelmingly against it.

My objective is to blend and unite the two energies into a working whole rather than to segregate the energies into a situation where an "us against them" attitude could develop.

As it is any effective teacher has to demonstrate a balance of the two energies in his life or he will not be a true teacher. It is true that a teacher is polarized in the male energy when he is sending to the class because the male energy is a sending energy. But in order to have worthwhile material to send to the class the teacher had to have been previously in the receiving (female) state. If he has not use his female energy and been a good receiver then it is impossible to be an effective sender.

If you think that all the thousands of pages of teachings I have given you is worthwhile then one must also realize that they came from somewhere and they had to be received with a female polarity.

As far as the accusation that I am disconnected from my emotional self let me say this. I am the one who lives in my body and I am the one who knows the intensity of my feelings and my feelings are intense indeed and these feelings are dedicated to the highest I know.

Anyone who wishes is free to start a female group, a male group or an animal lovers group and do what they want with it, but any posting made on the Keys should be at least in the general direction of the class at hand.