More on Hierarchy

2001-6-7 13:43:00

Vivienne states:

"When I first started posting I was chastised for my beliefs and stating my mind."

I couldn't remember anything but kindness and respect shown to you, Vivienne so I went through the archives and checked. I didn't read every word, but in my search I could not find anything negative said about you. In fact I do not remember anyone being chastised for their beliefs since the beginning of the list, except maybe me.

Sometimes new members are reminded or informed of the house rules, but that is not intended as a chastisement.

People may disagree with you or I but that is not chastisement.

On a positive note I think you have made some good posts to the group and have overall been a positive contributor. I hope you continue.

I'll finally take a moment and answer WIT's questions.

1) Is the Hierarchy of which you speak Infinite and Eternal, or did it come into being at some point in time?

The concept of Hierarchy in the mind of God is eternal and never had a beginning or end, but those who occupy positions in the hierarchical order have a beginning and end to their placement. The externalization of any hierarchical position has a beginning and end, but when one ends, a new one begins.

When I said "All is Hierarchy - Hierarchy is the ALL" I was referring to the visible creations of God. Behind all true hierarchy is the One Life which reflects through them and sustains all things

2) Is that Hierarchy Created or Self-Existent?

The concept is self existent but the manifestations in the various planes of existence are created.

3) Is that Hierarchy like a triangle in which the number of subdivisions on each level decrease as you move from base to apex? That is, does it narrow as you approach the top, or for that matter have a top?

As far as the Hierarchy which governs all things high and low the answer is yes, but as the various lives move up the ladder of evolution and opportunity, many other positions of a non governing nature also become available, but have a purpose in agreement with and support of Hierarchy.

Does the Hierarchy have a top? Yes, but this is knowledge which has never been revealed. I shall give it to you the way I see it. There is no way to prove this so you will have to merely take it as a seed thought.

I wrote earlier about part of the chain of the Hierarchy. There are various ones on this earth with the highest being the Planetary Logos. The highest in the solar system is the Solar Logos; however there are millions of Hierarchical workers in between.

The major leap above this is a logos over seven solar systems of which our Sun is but one.

In our Milky Way Galaxy we have billions of solar systems and there are many great Logoi until we get to the Galactic Logos. As you know there are also billions of galaxies which compose our universe, the end of which has not yet been discovered by our scientists. But it does have an end and beyond that we assume there are more universes.

Now most metaphysicians assume the Hierarchy and creation goes on infinitely. They think that our universe is one out of millions and these millions form a greater universe and then there is yet another group higher and so on for infinity.

This assumption is a guess and is not the case.

The hierarchy ends with the universe of galaxies. The creative mind of God has reached its ring-pass-not at this point.

Now there are an unlimited number of other universes, but the hierarchy in one universe is not linked to hierarchies in other universes. This is why I say that the Hierarchy stops at the universal level.

But, progression does not stop there. The life of God as it is incarnated in the various universes is BECOMING, and as it does, groups of universes will eventually be linked in Hierarchical order.

The Hierarchy at the top of our universe of galaxies is very loosely tied together for the creative form of the universe itself is far from complete.

This will probably raise more questions than it answers, but I am short of time tonight. I will be writing more about this in a future Immortal book.