The Two Influences

2001-5-29 10:23:00


Give three areas where the Jupiter/Sun energies are at play in the world today and three more where Saturn has strong influence.

Thanks for your comments on this Keith and others.

Let me give you examples as I see them starting with the Saturn influence:

  1. Islam from shortly after the death of Mohammed to the present. When Mohammed was alive Islam was controlled by Venus and they were generous toward their enemies in defeat and the people as a whole were inspired in the direction of creativity and building. Now their main emphasis is Saturnian obedience.
  2. Many current Christian religions who interpret the scriptures in a black and white manner.
  3. On the positive side of Saturn, it is connected with the Holy Spirit within us which disciplines us in the ways of the Spirit and guides us in the direction we need to tread.

The Jupiter/Sun influence:

  1. The evolving idea of Christ Consciousness which is permeating society.
  2. The concept of love and forgiveness as initiated by Christ and still developing in the minds of humanity.
  3. Charitable organizations which have sprung up over the past couple hundred years.