Their Name

2001-5-4 18:06:00

A reader:
Hey, I was just reading Genisis and noticed that the name Adam does not appear until Genisis 2:19 and when I typed it into the Bibles search I found out it is only used 27 time in the entire bible one of those times referring to a city all the rest referring to Adam the first man just thought that was interesting trivia to share I enjoy picking up interesting tidbits like this and passing them along if it bothers anyone let me know and I'll stop.

Actually, Adam appears many other times and much earlier than you think because it is not consistently translated. It is often translated as "man." It first appears in Gen 1:26:

"And God said let Us create man in our image."

This should read:

"Let us create Adam in our image...So God created Adam in his own image, in the image (reflection) of God created he him, male and female created he them."

"Male and female created he them and called THEIR name Adam..." Gen 5:2

The first Adam was male and female as one unit and it was "their" name not "his" name.

On my question on the purpose of life consider this.

What motivates you to work toward a goal? Why not just sit back and be a vegetable?

Why do anything? Why are we here?

I'm short on time today. Will talk to you this evening.