Evolution of Consciousness

2001-4-19 13:11:00

Kathy writes:
"I am curious to know what your thoughts are on DNA and the role it played when Jesus went through the process of death."

There are a lot of teachings in circulation centering on activating various strands of DNA that are currently dormant as if this will take us to a new dimension, immortality, ecstasy etc.

None of these teachings I have read register as truth with my soul. We have two strands of DNA and I agree with scientists that the inactive DNA, sometimes called junk DNA, are remnants left over from our evolution. It is possible that ancient memories are stored there. It's a little like our tail bone is evidence that our bodies evolved from the animal kingdom with tails.

Most of us are familiar with the idea that the program for our body is stored in the DNA and the ancient wisdom teaches of the existence of a permanent atom which is basically reprogrammed each time we take a new body in a new life.

All this is well and good, but a knowledge of all this may be intellectually stimulating, but unnecessary. Understanding your DNA, yet taking advantage of its workings is no more necessary than understanding how your computer works in relation to benefiting from its use. Few of us know how a chip or processor works, but this does not stop us from excelling at web page design or word processing.

Even so with spiritual things. We do not have to know all about how a miracle is produced to manifest it. Just as certain actions between male and female create the miracle of birth even though the couple does not have a clue about what makes the life come to be.

Our attention in this cycle of evolution needs to be on consciousness and not the process on a physical level. Why?

Because all the intelligence necessary for physical perfection has already been worked out and resides within our various vehicles there is nothing we need to do on a physical level to perfect our DNA, our cells or our bodies. Instead our job is to advance in consciousness and as we do this we will find that bodies will already be prepared for the higher vibration.

Even so with Jesus. His body had the same intelligence built into it as yours and mine. What made his resurrection possible however was the state of consciousness he achieved. When we achieve this consciousness our bodies will likewise cooperate and rebuild themselves to perfection.

Melva poses the question as to whether it would be desirable to continue to have a physical body or not. Many think the desirable thing is to shed it as soon as possible and move on to the higher realms.

The question to examine here is why we obtained a physical body in the first place.

So this is the question I will leave you with today. What purpose does the physical body serve and would it be useful for us to have access to one 100, 1000 or a million years from now? Why do the Masters live in physical bodies?