Complaints procedure

2001-1-9 13:05:00

JJ Dewey wrote:
There is no rule about making a public complaint on the list. I do not know where this idea came from.

My understanding of the WHOLE REASON for the complaints procedure was to lesson the complaining on list.

We sought to implement a procedure which would create rules and a discipline behind those rules this thus lessening negativity, distractions and complaints. Improvement of this list as a whole is the idea rather than restricting complaints. There is a time and place for anything and if we make a rule that we can't have public complaints then the negative ones will attack some rather innocent comments as those made by Glenys.

It seems the procedures outline private handling of complaints first IDEALLY. Am I missing something JJ?

This was a suggestion, but not a rule. In many cases this would be the best procedure to follow but not always. For instance today I had a complaint against Volker and Fiona that I felt best to make in a general post since they complained first. This helps all members to see more clearly the guidelines we are seeking to establish.


The following are procedures for handling complaints about others on the keys list.

Before outlining the procedures, some general principles should be noted:

1) Ideally if anyone has concerns about another person, an attempt should be made to resolve the problem between the two parties off the list.

One of the reasons this was written is that sometimes we have two people on the list get in an augment that has little to do with the direction of the class. In this case they should definitely take their complaints or arguments off list. On the other hand, for Rick, me or someone else in authority or with a job to do on the list it may be necessary to make some type of correction which could be considered a complaint. This was also written with the suggestion that some types of violations of list etiquette are best pointed out off list in private. Good judgment is the key here.

It is only when complaints become serious and unable to be resolved that they should be brought to the attention of the complaints committee.

These are the type of complaints that can lead to disciplinary action and note that an official complaint that may get a member on probation is to be first sent to the committee rather than posted publicly.

This is different than a complaint about the wording of a person's post that is not worthy of probation.

Hope this helps.