Larry's Post

2001-1-2 23:36:00

Now that the archives are back on line I notice that many posts are missing. Whether or not they will show up later no one knows.

Larry made an excellent post that all should have read and I noticed that I did not receive this by e-mail so others probably missed it also. Therefore I am posting it below and also sending a post from Lorraine as she is not always free to check the archives.

Larry's Post:

Subject: The Intuitive Principle
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 06:47:34 -0600
From: "Lawrence Kennon"

As summarized yesterday, the Intuitive Principle has four ingredients:

1. Questions

2. Hints

3. Teachings

4. Higher Knowledge

The purpose of the method, and the underlying principle as I understand it, is to engage the heart, mind, and soul in the discovery of knowledge that is otherwise unavailable through the mind alone.

To reiterate from yesterdays post:

"Questions force the mind and heart to reflect on the soul"

What sort of questions should we reflect upon? What will be the winning lottery number tomorrow, or perhaps what is the principle of the Christ Consciousness?

"Hints are like water for a thirsty plant and aid in nourishment and growth".

Where should we look for hints? Obviously we need to test those who would teach us. Have their teachings touched our soul before? Have we read what they have written and had a tremendous, "Ah hah!" moment of revelation and understanding? Or has the would be teacher only confused us and convinced of us of our inability to understand, and hence the need to always consult the teacher on all things?

I will unabashedly state my feelings here. I have had numerous "Ah hah!" moments reading J.J. Dewey's writings, either in fiction or posts to this list. Moreover once one has mastered the understanding revealed then it belongs to you as much as anyone. Truth is something that belongs to anyone who finds it. It has no exclusive owner.

Many teachers I think would like to cultivate the student's dependence on them. The Intuitive Principle is an example of a teacher attempting to give one the means to become independent and to have the ability to, "understand and develop the principle of intuition through which quantums of truth can be downloaded into your mind and understood by the heart".


"Teachings: This compares to food for the completion of nourishment".

I will bear witness that on this list I have found much nourishment for my soul, and more revelation in the year I have been here than in many years before.

And finally:

"Higher knowledge centered on a principle. This is the tricky part for any would be imitator, for data alone will not work with the Intuitive Principle".

Before finding this list I had little appreciation of the number of would be "gurus" out there willing to teach me all sorts of bizarre "facts" born of their imagination, and egos. If there is one thing about the teachings here that sets them "head and shoulders" above the rest, it _is_ the emphasis on understanding principles.


As you begin to prepare to enter the new year, and the new millenium, what is that one question you really want answered? What is that one enigma that will not let you rest, and which you feel you must have an answer to?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Follow all the aspects of the Will of God that is within your perception and your sensitivity to the truth will increase".
-- J.J. Dewey