The Four Evils -- Part Three

2000-12-21 12:00:00

The Fourth Evil -- Spiritual Wickedness In High & Heavenly (Celestial) Places

The main word of interest here is the Greek EPOURANIOS. In the King James [version of The Bible] this is translated sixteen times as "heavenly" as in heavenly Father, twice as "celestial," and only once as "high places" in this particular verse.

One can easily see why many translators are hesitant to render this verse as it reads as the meaning does not seem to make sense. After all, is not the place where God and celestial beings reside a perfect place where no evil can possibly exist? Why then would Paul tell us that one of our enemies is wickedness in heaven itself?

It is indeed disturbing for many to contemplate that even heaven or the higher worlds may not be a perfect place. You may recall that we discussed perfection earlier and concluded that the concept is an illusion and not even taught in the Bible. The word perfection there in relation to God is mistranslated and the original word merely implies that God finishes what He starts.

To have perfection you have to have a judge of what perfection is. Since we all see perfection through different eyes there can be no perfection that will satisfy us all.

The big question is, how could there be evil in the higher realms and what would that evil be? Could we recognize celestial evil if it stared us in the face?

Before we explore this topic let us make clear that the Dark Brotherhood is not a part of this celestial evil. The disciple here on the earth can clearly see that the direction of the Dark Brothers is incorrect. These entities have taken a definite stand toward selfishness and are of a low vibration. However, the inhabitants of the celestial worlds are clothed with light and filled with love. How could evil manifest in such a place.

Remember this is to solve the mystery.

Evil does not manifest as a killer demon tearing everything in its path from limb to limb, but evil can manifest in all spheres and places. Evil means to reverse direction from progression to retrogression and a heavenly being can do this as well as a worm. If a heavenly being does this we may notice no lack of love and light from him or her from our vantage point.

Remember the analogy of Hitler's Dog. As long as he gets attention and food Hitler will seem like as good of a person as Mother Teresa. Hitler's dog had no idea of the higher conflict that was going on beyond his understanding.

Even so it is with us. We have heard that a great light who was Lucifer fell from heaven, but we have little understanding about the cause. A hint to the key to understanding evil and why death is associated with it lies in these two key words:

  1. Reversal, and;
  2. Attention.

I hope to be able to wrap this up tomorrow with a fascinating new insight on the subject.


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