1998-12-16 11:05:00

I don't have much time to comment tonight but will give an additional hint. I didn't expect the right answer from the hints so far, but did hope for much discussion; and in this we were successful. The stimulation of thought along the correct path is in the end very beneficial.

Many of you gave some great comments I hope to find time to comment on soon. I'm sure I will miss some.

Additional Hints:

Some of you have heard of the Seven Rays and some have not. These are the same as mentioned by John in the Book Of Revelation as being the Seven Spirits before the throne of God.

The various Seven Rays go in and out of incarnation here on planet Earth, and during the age of Pisces a certain Ray was prominent. It is the same Ray that governs the Solar Plexus Center.

What Ray is this, and how is it related to the number 666 and the Beast?

Should we look at the numbers as separate "6 6 6" as well as a unit -- "666"? Or possibly as "6 x 100", "6 x 10 and 6"?

What meanings might be applied for each?