Entering Mind

2000-11-15 00:31:00

Our friend Rob had to go back to jail because he could not get a job. I know that he would really appreciate receiving a physical letter from any of us.

His address is:

Terrance R. Brennan
D2 Bed no. 28
House of Correction
8885 S. 68th St.
Franklin, Wisc. 53132

It's too bad that they give rapists and murderers early release to make room for harmless folks such as Rob.

The question:

The Age of Pisces which we are leaving is ruled by which element and what does it symbolize?

The Age of Aquarius which we are entering is ruled by which element and what does it symbolize?

Fiona pointed out that the element of Pisces is water symbolizing emotions and that of Aquarius symbolizing the mind

The shift from the element of Pisces to the element of Aquarius indicates the new comprehension that must be known. What is it?

No one seemed to take a stab at this so let us expand.

The shift of attention by humanity from an emotional base for decision to the mind will insure the stability necessary for an age of peace to prevail.

As humans begin evolution we start with attention centered in the instinct/physical. Next we evolve to the emotional/astral. Then we move to the mental/thinking and finally to the intuitive/soul.

What do you suppose is the percentage of humanity that has risen to the plane of the mind to some degree?

Many feel that emotion (misnamed heart by many) is higher than mind, but why is it necessary that mind controls emotion rather than the other way around?

Are the heart energies connected with mind or emotion? Explain.

"The mystery of Godliness; how great it is."
Joseph Smith