A Shift

2000-11-14 10:53:00

Glad to see you posting again Benjamin. I felt a soul to soul seeing with you as you elaborated on the part enlightened business will play in the coming age. When two see thorough the eyes of soul they see the same thing. The only difference in expression will be the differentiating personalities.

What other things need to be taught to assure the world that a new age of peace can really be established?


How will disciples reach the masses?

There are indeed many great and wonderful things that will be taught in the new age and all of your answers gave us much food for thought and have merit.

There is one most important principle that has been overlooked and here is the hint.

The Age of Pisces which we are leaving is ruled by which element and what does it symbolize?

The Age of Aquarius which we are entering is ruled by which element and what does it symbolize?

The shift from the element of Pisces to the element of Aquarius indicates the new comprehension that must be known. What is it?

We can see this shift playing out in the polarized elections and political divisions of today.

"The time will come that the Constitution of the United States will hang as it were by a single thread."
Joseph Smith