Light on the Mark

1998-12-13 10:47:00

We've had several answers that have shed some light on the Mark of the Beast. Here are a couple that are right on the "Mark."

Glenys wrote:

"Now with these hints let's see who can put the picture together for us. How does one receive the mark in the forehead and right hand and how can one escape the mark, or is it even possible?

"Maybe it's the belief that it is only by following the Beast that a person can earn a living; i.e., that one has to 'play the system' to survive, therefore putting all one's faith in the Beast for personal well being.

"One gets the mark by accepting this as their own reality, one can escape the mark by not accepting this mind-set."

From "TwinStorms":

"I would have to say that we receive the mark when we accept someone's authoritative teaching or policy without confirming the teaching with our inner voice and blindly assume that to be the only truth (my way or the highway). When we project those teachings to others and recruit others to follow that unchecked teaching or policy and reject someone who uses their intuition, we then are in league with the dark brotherhood. We think their thoughts and we do the work they tell us to do, blindly accepting them and their way as the way.

"We can escape from being marked by only accepting that which we can confirm on the inside of us, confirmed by that still small voice and gives us peace. Not blindly following someone solely because they speak with authority. Check it out, does it generate peace. Get intuit and if you can't get INTUIT, get out of it.

"Well how is that, it sounds good to me. How does it ring with you folks?"


The interesting thing about James's (Twin Storms) answer here is you can tell by reading it that he felt within himself that he was on to something. That's the way it is when you hit a point of truth. Something just rings with your soul within you.

And this does not just happen with some great truth. Sometimes it's just a personal change of direction that is insignificant to anyone but you. We will find that when we follow that still small voice over and over it seems to get a little louder and clearer. The goal is to develop a group consciousness that can work through the soul. This is the only way more than three people can see eye to eye without being controlled by the Beast.

LeLona wrote a great post about how she overcame the guilt of not being good enough. It would be a good thing to read her post and replace her in the story with the Free World. The United States and the rest of the so-called free world feel that peace and prosperity are too good to be true so we sabotage ourselves by making an image of the Beast that seeks to destroy our hard won freedoms. The free world must come to the same awakening that LeLona did and it all starts with us as individuals awakening ourselves and others.

Now I'll give you my two cents worth on the Mark of the Beast. But first, let's re-visit the scriptures that speak of it:

15  "And he had power to give life unto the image of the Beast, that the image of the Beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the Beast should be killed.

16  "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17  "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the Beast, or the number of his name."

(Rev 13:15-17)

Notice that it was not the second Beast (the United States) that gave the Mark -- but the Image of the Beast.

To refresh your mind let me quote from a previous article what the "image" is:

The United States made an image to the Beast by supporting and often helping to create governments on the earth pattered after the blind authority of Rome and the other ancient kingdoms. The most popular of them was Communism. The Bolshevik Revolution that established the Communist regime in Russia was financed right out of the United States by wealthy men who saw a great opportunity in Marx's philosophy. If you ever read "Animal Farm "you can understand.

The USSR (Russia) was just a part of the Image of the Beast. Hitler also received much start up capital from the United States and Europe (which adopted free governments). Then we also created and financed other dictators like Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Communist China and many other authoritarian governments.

Thus instead of enjoying a free society The United States and the Free World has reincarnated the Roman empire by supporting this deadly image throughout the world.

This Image of the Beast does right now in our history cause all within its reach to receive a mark in their right hand or their foreheads. The right hand signifies labor and one with a mark in the right hand obeys and labors for the Beast without questioning.

The mark in the forehead signifies something even beyond action. It signifies thought. The Beast wants you to do more than obey. It wants you to think as you are told to think in the process.

I have some interesting information to present to you tomorrow for I am out of time today. Until then you might be thinking about how the mark of the Beast not only exists in dictatorships, but also in the free world.